Thursday, June 18, 2015

Marvel Legends Iron Fist Infinite Series

Presenting Iron Fist from the Marvel Legends Infinite Series.

This is the second Marvel Legends Iron Fist to be released by Marvel. The first one had Danny Rand in his original green Iron Fist garb - the one with the huge yellow collars, not the one that looks like he does now, but green. There was also a red variant of that particular figure.

Marvel later released a Marvel Universe version of Iron Fist in what was called his "White Hot Room" costume. We predicted that he would die battling the Phoenix, but, oh well.

Anyway, here's the Marvel Legends Infinite series version of the Immortal Weapon of Agamotto, Living Weapon, Immortal Weapon of K'un-Lun Daredevil, Young Dragon, Cancer Survivor and, supposedly one of the few Marvel characters who can beat Batman senseless (We can hear the cries of heresy over the internet), the Immortal Iron Fist.

The Marvel Legends Infinite Series Iron Fist's blister card simply reads that "Daniel Rand channels the power of the dragon Shou-Lao!" (Whose molten heart Iron Fist plunged his fists into making him the Iron Fist). The figure also comes with the left leg of the All Father Odin.

When we reviewed the Marvel Universe version of Iron Fist, we mentioned how Iron Fist was battling an extradimensional invasion along with the newly reformed Avengers when he was shunted to a white-hot-room reminiscent of the room by the same name used by the Phoenix. It was there that his uniform was changed to its current incarnation which, by chance or design, is reminiscent of the uniform of the Pheonix of the Crown - except for the Dragon emblem where the Phoenix emblem should be.

The watcher later claimed that Shou-Lao, the Dragon defeated the Phoenix once. A younger Shou-Lao was able to injure the Phoenix possessed Cyclops. A former Iron Fist, the halfbreed Fongji Wu, was able to master the Phoenix. So who knows? In a "What if?" scenario, maybe Iron Fist was meant to inherit the powers of the Phoenix - given that (According to Agamotto) his white uniform signifies that he is the most powerful Iron Fist in history.

What's to like about the Marvel Legends Infinite Series Iron Fist?

FIRST: He comes with EIGHT, count them, EIGHT! Hand options. This is very, very much appreciated because it gives us options and we're not just stuck with the traditional "closed fists." The eight options give us the ability to expand how many poses we can put the Iron Fist into.

The eight options include a pair of knife hands, a pair of closed fists, a pair of tiger-claws and, a pair of Dragon fists.

And of course you can mix and match the sets.

SECONDThe result is one incredibly poseable figure capable of great poses. This can probably only be matched by giving him individually articulated fingers.

Closed Fists:

Knife hands:

Tiger Claw

Dragon Claw (Mixed)

Mixed Fists:

Yes, the Marvel Legends Infinite Series Iron Fist can kneel, and as you've probably noticed he can kick too:

What's NOT to like about the Marvel Legends Infinite Series Iron Fist?

FIRST: Nothing actually. We are not particularly fond of Iron Fist's facial sculpt, but that's a matter of personal preference.

We should note also that with the success of Netflix's Daredevil and Daredevil's costume being close to Iron Fist's look, that we would not be surprised to see custom Daredevils born of this mold coming soon.

This particular Marvel Legends Infinite Series Iron Fist was purchased from a seller on Facebook for PhP 1,000. He is worth US$ 19.99 (Roughly PhP 900 plus shipping) on Amazon.

Now all we need is a decent Luke Cage.

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