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HALO 4 Commander Sarah Palmer

Presenting Mc Farlane's Commander Sarah Palmer the SPARTAN Commander from HALO 4. 

Sarah Palmer is a member of the SPARTAN IV program - which mean's in essence she's a Mjolnir Gen 2 armor augmented and genetically modified professional soldier. This distinguishes her from the members of Noble Team who are members of the SPARTAN III program - basically cannon fodder soldiers who did not receive the same genetic augmentation that the members of the SPARTAN I, II and IV programs received.

Sarah Palmer was received training from one of Noble Team's survivors: Jun A266 - Noble 3.

SPARTAN Commander Sarah Palmer encountered the Master Chief when he rescued the beleaguered crew of the UNSC Infinity during the First Battle of Requiem. She thought the Master Chief would be taller.

SPARTAN Commander Sarah Palmer's blister card says nothing about her.

In a nutshell though: Sarah Palmer wears the scout variant of the Mjolnir Gen 2 armor, and; she comes armed with a pair of M6H Personal Defense Weapon Systems - or simply Magnums.

The M6H comes with a smart-linked KFA 2x2 scope and an electroless nickel finish, is recoil-operated and magazine-fed, and fires 12.7 x 40mm projectile ammunition.

HALO 4 SPARTAN Commander Sarah Palmer is the first SPARTAN IV to be depicted dual wielding a pair of Magnums.


FIRST: Well it's a female SPARTAN! Ironically while we're writing this we're having a small discussion about "pinkification" - the attempt to make something that is traditionally masculine more interesting or appealing to women by associating it with stereotypically feminine traits or idea - on Facebook.

While it was popularly known that there were female SPARTANs way back in the SPARTAN II program, we didn't really see one till the SPARTAN III program via Lieutenant Commander Catherine "Kat" B320 (Noble 2) . So to see one, with the rank of Commander of the SPARTANS no less, is a great thing to see.

Unfortunately, the only hints that HALO 4 SPARTAN Commander Sarah Palmer is female are the slightly thinner waist, and; the slight bump of side-breasts underneath the breast-plates.

In comparison Lieutenant Commander Catherine "Kat" B320 (Noble 2)  appears more feminine because she is physically smaller in comparison to the other SPARTANS in Noble Team.

SECOND: In terms of detailing, it's nice to have the scout version of the MJOLNIR Gen 2 armor hanging around with us, though seriously you would think that Sarah Palmer would get armor more befitting of her rank - which is probably why Fireteam Majestic leader Paul deMarco flirted with her when they first met - since she just looked like a scout.

There are red insignia all over her armor. We cannot find what these refer to. We have a feeling that they are a reference to something under the Office of Naval Intelligence as the insignia appears to be a part of a wing. There's even one on her butt.

THIRD: Articulation. McFarlane Toy's SPARTAN Commander Sarah Palmer is wonderfully articulated and has all the capabilities of SPARTAN Thorne and  John 117.  Yes, SPARTAN Commander Sarah Palmer can kneel.

Now add a stand and some blue tack and we can really have some fun:

If you are wondering, yes SPARTAN Commander Sarah Palmer can dual wield a single Magnum:


FIRST: When we wrote the review on Lt Cdr Catherine "Kat" B320 (Noble 2) we noted how it was sexist that just because she was a girl she got a girl gun - even if it was a M6G Magnum (Kat used a MA37 Assault rifle as her primary weapon in the video game). Well McFarlane toys has upgraded the Magnum to an M6H, but because this is a girl SPARTAN, you guess it, that's all she gets. A pair o M6H Magnums.

Yes, Commander Sarah Palmer was the first SPARTAN IV to be depicted dual wielding a pair of Magnums, but she was also seen wielding much heavier weapons including a DMR Rifle (M392 Designated Marksman Rifle) which we can borrow from Carter A259 Noble 1:

SECOND: Both M6H Magnums had triggers. Both triggers were destroyed by the hand grips of Sarah Palmer.

This particular SPARTAN Commander Sarah Palmer was purchased at Big Boys Toy Store in Glorietta here in Manila for PhP 895 (Roughly US$ 1.88). He's available on Amazon for US$ 14.99 (Roughly PhP 674.55 plus shipping).

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