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HALO Reach SPARTAN Jorge 052 Noble 5

Presenting McFarlane Toy's Spartan Jorge 052 - Noble 5 -  from the HALO Reach video-game. 

Chief Warrant Officer Jorge-052 was a member of the SPARTAN II program - the same program that produced the Master Chief. SPARTAN Jorge was one of the few SPARTAN II survivors who got assigned to work with SPARTAN IIIs. He served with Noble Team as their heavy weapon's specialist with the designation Noble 5.

As a member of the SPARTAN II program, Jorge received the same genetic augmentation and training that the Master Chief received. This made him stronger, than the members of the SPARTAN III program - who were just armor enhanced elite soldiers.

SPARTAN Jorge was killed during Operation Uppercut during the Battle of Reach. He was the first member of Noble Team in the HALO: Reach game to die. Fearing that they would lose the battle thanks to the arrival of a Covenant Supercarrier, Noble 5 and Noble 6 infiltrated the Supercarrier to deliver a slipstream bomb. Unfortunately their escape options were cut off and the bomb's timer was damaged. Noble 5 Jorge 052, gave Noble 6 his dogtags and literally picked up and threw Noble 6 off the supercarrier. He stayed behind to detonate the bomb manually.

SPARTAN Jorge-052's last words to Noble 6 was "Tell em to make it count"

We remember this particular area in the HALO Reach game where we (As Noble 6) had to clear out a base with Jorge Noble 5. It wasn't easy to do because: a) we were fighting in the dark, and; b) defenders always have the advantage in corridor fighting.

After several respawnings, we saw a plasma grenade stick to Jorge-052, explode, and do nothing to hamper him. We don't know if that's because NPCs only die when the game director says they die, or if he really was that strong a tank figure.

So we stayed behind him and picked off the stragglers. Problem solved.

Noble 5 SPARTAN Jorge-052 wears:

  • The MJOLNIR Mark V armor bearing the Grenadier variant Collar, knee pads and chest-piece;
  • A MJOLNIR Mark IV grenadier hemlet
  • EVA variant armor for his right shoulder;
  • UA/bracer supplementary armor for both forearms.
He come armed with a M247H heavy Machine gun and ammunition carrying back-pack. The M247H can be attached to the back-pack, but it looks awkward. 

What's to like about the HALO Reach SPARTAN Jorge-052 Noble 5?

FIRST:  Noble 6: SPARTAN Jorge-052 is a tank! Well armored and well armed. We're not particularly fond of tanks as they are slow, clunky and are usually the first to be targetted and die. Being a tank is usually a newbie gamer thing when you really should be running and gunning.


Noble 5 SPARTAN Jorge-052 looks good!

He's tall, broad shouldered, and - as we've seen in the video games - doesn't seem to mind those pesky plasma grenades.

Hell if more Japanese were involved in his devlepment, We're pretty sure Jorge-052 would have been even bigger and the other Spartans would be riding him. Prior to the arrival of the Warthogs in the Dungeon, we did have Kat-B320, Noble 2, riding him on the display shelf. Only seemed fair as all she had was a single pistol.

You can hear the earth tremble with each step.

SECOND:  Despite the bulk, Noble 6: SPARTAN Jorge-052 is still quite tactical. Yes he loses a lot of movement due to the clunky armor, but he can still move so he's not that sitting target that most tanks are:

SECOND:  As with the rest of Noble Team we love the detailing that went into Noble 6: SPARTAN Jorge-052. The weathering is excellent!

What's NOT to like about the HALO Reach SPARTAN Jorge-052 Noble 5?

FIRST:  Noble 6: SPARTAN Jorge-052's backpack keeps falling off. It's simply too heavy - which is a great thing that we appreciate because we like weighty pieces of plastic. We suppose it's a small price to pay for a great figure.

SECOND:  As with the rest of Noble Team Jorge-52 comes with relatively poor articulation. His in particular is even lower thanks to the clunky armor.

THIRD:  He's big. But he doesn't feel big enough. He's not taller than the rest of Noble Team yet Jorge-52 should tower over them. In the game he stands 7'3", 5 inches taller than Carter, Noble 1 who stands 6'10". He doesn't, though his action figure is slightly taller than Carter, Noble 1's.

He only looks big.

The Halo: Reach SPARTAN Jorge-052 Noble 5 action figure is available on Amazon for US$ 37.99 (roughly PhP  1,710 plus shipping). We believe we were able to purchase SPARTAN Jorge all the way back in 2011 for PhP 450 (Roughly US$ 10).

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