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SPARTAN THORNE - Mc Farlane Toys Halo 4

Presenting from McFarlane Toys, SPARTAN Gabriel Thorne, the main character of the SPARTAN Ops series of Halo 4 where he served as a rifleman in Fireteam Majestic. 

Now to the uninitiated - and this get confusing - SPARTAN Thorne is a member of the SPARTAN IV program - which is essentially a batch of genetically modified adults given Mjolnir armors to create super-soldiers.

SPARTAN IVs are not to be confused in with the cannon-fodder members of the SPARTAN III program which included Noble Team, as these were just soldiers given superior training in tactics along with Mjolnir power armor. They were literally released to die and delay the Covenant. 
And not to be confused with the members of the SPARTAN II program from which John 117 hails. He was kidnapped as a child, subjected to training and genetic augmentation and then given  Mjonir Power Armor - which also explains why he's so expensive. Modifying adults was cheaper. SPARTAN II's were still superior to SPARTAN IVs - though SPARTAN IV Mjolnir Generation 2 armor is superior to the Mjolnir armor issued to SPARTAN IIs.

But then, John 117 now wears a SPARTAN Mjolnir Generation 2 armor. 

So he's superior in every way.

Now back to SPARTAN Thorne.

Fireteam Majestic is the same fireteam that was encountered by in John 117 Halo 4, but SPARTAN Thorne did not join the fireteam till after the event. 

You can watch the HALO Infinity movie on Youtube. It's a great stand alone movie - though playing the game is a lot more fun.

While SPARTAN Thorne is certified to use the HazOp, Pathfinder, Orbital, Soldier, EOD, Scout, CIO and Warrior variants of the Mjolnir Gen 2 armor, he strangely wears the Recruit variant of the armor. Spartan Thorne also comes armed with a MA5D Individual Combat Weapon System/assault rifle. Not our weapon of choice. 

What's to like about the McFarlane Toys Halo 4 Spartan Thorne?

FIRST:  Spartan Thorne comes in a finely detailed  SPARTAN Recruit armor which is the default armor used in the SPARTAN Ops game. 

That gives SPARTAN Thorne a definite plus in nostalgia points and you can admire the weathered detailing that went into his armor as well. We particularly love his helmet. It's nice to have something that looks new and different in our Halo collection.

We feel that there is one glaring disadvantage though that come with a Recruit armor - that protrusion on his breastplate looks like a handhold that an enemy can grab and use as leverage.

Some of us remember the protrusion to be a part of his comm unit, but we cannot verify it. Check out the Fireteam Majestic Sigil on his left shoulder pauldron. 

Note the mounting peg for the MA5D Assault Rifle on his back. No the booster rockets don't come off, unlike that of John 117, and yes, SPARTAN Thorne can reach his MA5D. 

SECOND: Articulation. McFarlane Toy's SPARTAN Thorne is wonderfully articulated and has all the capabilities of John 117.  Yes, SPARTAN Thorne can kneel. 

An interesting question we now face given John 117's AWOL status is: In the upcoming Halo 5 game, will Fireteam Majestic work with the Master Chief?

Or stand against him?

What's to like about the McFarlane Toys Halo 4 Spartan Thorne?

FIRST Well, though SPARTAN Thorne is finely detailed, there's nothing that really distinguishes him from a generic SPARTAN - which makes him almost... boring.

At least the members of the ill-fated Noble Team took the time to look distinct - or did they choose to look distinct because they knew they were doomed? Of Noble Team, the most "Generic" member were Carter A259 and Noble 6Carter A259 at least took the time to customize his breastplate. Noble 6 being the newbie was generic.

So that's about the only thing wrong with the McFarlane HALO 4 SPARTAN Thorne - the possibility that he will disappear into the mundane.

We also wish he came with more weapons. SPARTAN Thorne also has no hardpoints for grenades.

This particular SPARTAN Thorne was purchased at Big Boys Toy Store in Glorietta here in Manila for PhP 895 (Roughly US$ 1.88). He's available on Amazon for US$ 14.99 (Roughly PhP 674.55 plus shipping).

We love the blue though. That's the color we play in.

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