Thursday, April 30, 2015

SPARTAN THORNE - Mc Farlane Toys Halo 4

Presenting from McFarlane Toys, SPARTAN Gabriel Thorne, the main character of the SPARTAN Ops series of Halo 4 where he served as a rifleman in Fireteam Majestic. 

Now to the uninitiated - and this get confusing - SPARTAN Thorne is a member of the SPARTAN IV program - which is essentially a batch of genetically modified adults given Mjolnir armors to create super-soldiers.

SPARTAN IVs are not to be confused in with the cannon-fodder members of the SPARTAN III program which included Noble Team, as these were just soldiers given superior training in tactics along with Mjolnir power armor. They were literally released to die and delay the Covenant. 
And not to be confused with the members of the SPARTAN II program from which John 117 hails. He was kidnapped as a child, subjected to training and genetic augmentation and then given  Mjonir Power Armor - which also explains why he's so expensive. Modifying adults was cheaper. SPARTAN II's were still superior to SPARTAN IVs - though SPARTAN IV Mjolnir Generation 2 armor is superior to the Mjolnir armor issued to SPARTAN IIs.

But then, John 117 now wears a SPARTAN Mjolnir Generation 2 armor. 

So he's superior in every way.

Saturday, April 25, 2015

Transformers Go! Optimus Prime

Presenting Optimus Prime from the Transformers Go Animated series.

Okay this is going to get confusing. Triple Combination: Transformers Go! is an ambitious  - in our opinion - endeavor that aims to tell the story of two separate  Transformers Autobot Triple Combiner teams in two separate and concurrently running cartoons - yes, TWO separate and concurrently running cartoons.

Transformers Go! followed the exploits of the Swordbot Shinobi Team (Ninjas), and the Swordbot Samurai Team (Er.... Samurais).

The three members of each team could combine with each other forming three different Combiner Transformers with different abilities and powers depending upon which of the three Autobots forms the "head"

And then! Two of the three members of each team can also combine with Optimus Prime who is the same Optimus Prime from the Transformers Beast Hunters series (This guy) who came to Japan to help the two teams defeat the mighty Predacon Dragontron. On his way Optimus Prime decides to drop his truck form, scans and takes the form of a Bullet Train.

Confused yet?

Monday, April 20, 2015

Marvel Legends Hellcat

Presenting Hellcat from the Marvel Legends Infinite Series Thanos BAF toyline.

To the uninitiated, Hellcat is Patricia "Patsy" Walker Baxter Hellstorm - though she divorced Baxter so we suppose she can just drop that name, and; she died so that kinda annuls her marriage to the Son of Satan Daimon Hellstorm. She currently just goes by the name Patricia "Patsy" Walker.

Marvel's Hellcat has a very interesting origin. She was created by Ruth Atkinson for Miss America Magazine in 1944 which was published by Marvel's predecessor, Timely Comics. The comics focused on the life, love and struggle of Patsy Walker presented in a manner akin to Archie Comics.

The teenage red-head was so popular that from the 1940s to 1967, Patsy Walker would continue to appear in Miss America, Teen Comics, Girls' Life, and would have her own-spin off: Patsy Walker; Patsy and Hedy (Her friend and "rival); Patsy and her Rivals, and; a one-shot - A Date with Patsy. Her stand-alone comic books would run till 1967, and she would make a cameo in Fantastic Four Annual # 3 which would cement her existence in the Marvel Universe.

She would later appear as Patsy Walker (Having recently divorced her teenage sweetheart, Former Air-Force Colonel Robert "Buzz" Baxter who was the Brand Corporation's security consultant and who was currently investigating the Beast - which is how Patsy met the Avengers) in Avengers # 141.

She would find and don Greer "Tigra" Grant Nelson's former costume back when she was "The Cat" and don it in Avengers # 144, becoming Marvel's Hellcat.

Friday, April 17, 2015

STAR WARS Clone Wars Republic Attack Shuttle

Presenting the Republic Attack Shuttle from the Star Wars Clone Wars toyline.

If you haven't seen it in the Star Wars Clone Wars cartoon, this is a Nu-class Attack Shuttle.

Developed by Cygnus Spaceworks, the Nu-Class Attack Shuttle was meant to be a long-range alternative to the more popular Rothana Heavy Engineering LAAT/i.

It was originally meant to replace the LAAT/i however the Republic Attak Shuttles lacked the LAAT/i's firepower and ability to carry up to 4 speeder-bikes in the back.

So while the Republic Attack Shuttle may have been better armored and faster than the LAAT/i, it never really replaced it and found it's way instead into the diplomatic core. The designers of the Republic Attack Shuttle would later be pirated by Sienar Fleet Systems and they would go on to integrate the fold-down wing design into the Lambda-Class Transport that we can see in the Star Wars films.

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Lego Batman Tumbler - Batmobile - KO

Presenting a LEGO KO version of Batman's Tumbler - Batmobile - from Christopher Nolan's Dark Knight Trilogy.

At the risk of pissing off a lot of Batfleck lovers, this will always be one of the most iconic Batmobiles ever!

To the uninitiated, Batman's Tumbler was originally built as a bridge-layer for the United States Military. A pair of jet-engine powered Tumblers were supposed to jump chasms and set the anchors for bridgelayers. Unfortunately WayneTech couldn't get the bridgelaying to work, and the Tumbler project was mothballed.

There were four prototypes built. The first Tumbler became the Batmobile which was destroyed by the Joker. The other three were co-opted by Bane in the last film and were destroyed by the Batman flying high in the Bat.

This is the knock-off Lego version of the Tumbler.

Sunday, April 5, 2015

Marvel Legends Spider-Woman - Infinite Series

Presenting Spider-Woman from the Marvel Legends Infinite Series Toyline.

What is it about Jessica Drew? Even without her pheromone powers or sexy British accent, she is one of the hottest women in the Marvel Universe - also despite the fact that she's technically one of the most dressed.

She's so hot she actually dyes her blonde hair black.

It must definitely be that costume. It's soooo tight it looks like she's wearing nothing in the comic books but body paint. It's soooo tight her belly-button is clear as day.

The Marvel Legends Spider-Woman's costume is soooo tight she looks practically naked in comparison to more "clothing averse" characters such as Satana and Emma Frost.

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