Thursday, March 19, 2015

Marvel Legends Scarlet Witch

Presenting the Scarlet Witch from the Infinite Series of Marvel Legends.

To the uninitiated, the Scarlet Witch or Wanda Maximoff, is one of the most powerful mutant characters in the Marvel Universe - given her ability to manipulate probabilities (Ergo Reality) and her command of Chaos Magic - although if you believe Dr Strange, there is no such thing as Chaos Magic and the Scarlet Witch's powers were supposedly boosted by an unknown cosmic force that shunted them to near god-like levels (She's gone back to "normal" - or so she may want people to think).

The Scarlet Witch is also known as the one who married the toaster (The Vision), had two kids by the toaster (Supposedly the Young Avengers Wiccan and Speed are her children.), and if we remember right was currently in a relationship with a being a pure ionic energy - Wonder-Man, right before he became merged with Rogue - which should create some pretty unique moments of sexual tension within the Avengers Unity squad.

The Marvel Legends Infinite Series Scarlet Witch's blister pack reads "The mighty heroine who commands cosmic energy is on a mission to save Earth from evil! This awesome Maidens of Might figure will use her powers to launch attacks on the foe."

The Scarlet Witch is listed as one of the "Maidens of Might" and carries an alternate "Crowned" version of Odin versus the "Warrior" version of Odin that accompanies the new Captain Marvel (Carol Danvers).

She comes with everything you see here: A pair of attacheable hex-bolts, and a cape that you can remove if you pop her head off. Most of the hex-bolts in this review have been photoshoped to give them a nice pink glow.

What's NOT to like about the Marvel Legends Infinite Series Scarlet Witch?

FIRST: We thought that it would grow on us, but it didn't, HER FACE!!!!

Marvel/Disney seems to really want their action figure characters to be as deadpan as possible and we don't know why. We've complained about this trait with Gamora and even Captain America.

We like how different her facial sculpt is - very European with a mix of Mid-easterner and Asian thrown in. Very Gypsy.

However it also perpetually signifies just how bored she is to be here. Yes, this helps collectors who loved her when she had god-level powers and couldn't care less when she destroyed reality, but half the time it looks like she wants to go to bed.

Which is sad since we praised the highly expressive face of her 3.75" Marvel Universe Counterpart:

The Marvel Universe Scarlet Witch it definitely far more expressive AND has the correct blue eye-color. The Marvel Legends Infinite Series Scarlet Witch has green eyes.

SECOND:  Her cape. While we love the new low-cut back design of the cape, since it does not touch thw ground, it tends to make the Scarlet Witch back heavy - especially if you have a figure with loose knees (Which ours has).

What's to like about the Marvel Legends Infinite Series Scarlet Witch?

FIRST: Scarlet Witch's hex bolts!

When we featured the Marvel Universe Scarlet Witch, we griped about how we had to create her hex-bolts and actually photoshopped in our own hex-bolts - and she looked wonderful with them.

Thankfully Marvel/Disney thought of giving her Legends Infinite Series version Hex-bolts or we'd spend a hell of a lot of time photoshopping in more hex-bolts for this particular shoot.

Now if only they glowed on their own.

SECOND: Articulation is excellent - it's a wonderful body, something we've come to love and respect from Marvel/Disney. Yes, the Scarlet Witch can kneel:

The Scarlet Witch tends to be on the "thin" side though when you take her cape off - especially if you compare her to Satana - but that is a very bodacious behind.

This particular Scarlet Witch was purchased from Ebay for US$ 23.50 (Roughly PhP 1,057.5) plus shipping. It is available on Amazon for US$ 28.88 (Roughly PhP 1,299.60). Surprisingly, the Marvel Universe Scarlet Witch is available on Amazon for US$ 39.99 (Roughly PhP 1,799.55).

A must have for serious Avengers collectors, but not something we've fallen in love with.

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