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Jedi Knight Bultar Swan

Presenting Bultar Swan, Jedi Knight of the Galactic Republic's Jedi Order.

AKA the Asian Jedi - and one of the few Asian characters in the Star Wars Universe. As of this writing, the only other Asian we can think of is Lieutenant Telsij a Y-Wing pilot who flew in the battle of Yavin and is famous for screaming "There's too many of them!" followed by "I'm hit!" BOOM!!!!

Anyway, Jedi Knight Bultar Swan is seen as one of the 212 Jedi in the Coliseum during the Battle of Geonosis in Star Wars Episode II.

She's seen at the start of the conflict and as one of the Jedi in the survivors' circle standing next to Jedi Knights Roth del Masona and Stass Allie. All three were at the opposite side of the circle with their backs turned to Obi-Wan Kenobi.

No, Bultar Swan's lightsaber does not light up. That's Photoshop.

Bultar Swan was on a medstation orbiting Coruscant when Order 66 was given. She was warned by the medstation staff that the Clones were now hunting her and was able to escape. With the Jedi council gone, Jedi Knight Bultar Swan like other Jedi went into hiding.

However another Jedi Master,  Shadday Potkin reached out to her and five other Jedi survivors:  Koffi Arana, Roblio Darté, Jastus Farr, Ma'kis'shaalas, and Sia-Lan Wezz . Bultar Swan was able to contact a sixth, Jedi Master Tsui Choi.

The eight Jedi gathered in a conclave on the planet Kessel. An argument broke out as to whether or not it was the duty of the survivors to hunt down and kill Palpatine and his new enforcer, Darth Vader.

Bultar Swan argued that it was not the way of the Jedi and that their actions could lead to them falling to the Dark Side.

Unfortunately the debate was moot because Potkin had invited one more attendee: Darth Vader. Her plan all along was for the Jedi to gather and overwhelm the Dark Lord. Their edge lay in the fact that they had acquired a Cortosis blade (Cortosis disrupts lightsaber blades). Armed with the blade, Potkin disrupts Darth Vader's lightsaber, but Vader simply grabs hold of her neck, snaps it, and takes the Cortosis blade.

Despite the 7-on-1 odds, Vader quickly disrupts most of the lightsabers of the remaining jedi using the Cortosis blade, until Jedi Master Tsui Choi cuts off Vader's arm and Bultar Swan rips his leg open.

Vader was at the mercy of the two Jedi with working lightsabers.

Jedi Knight Koffi Arana demands that Bultar Swan kills the helpless Vader. When she refuses, he grabs her lightsaber and kills her with it. Before he can strike down Vader though, Vader telekinetically hurls his severed arm - which still grasped the Cortosis blade - into Arana's chest killing him. Vader then finishes off the remaining Jedi using Bultar Swan's lightsaber.

One of the last to fall was Jedi Master Tsui Choi who outmanuevered Vader and almost finished him off. Vader was able to hold him in the air with his Telekinesis, allowing the 501st to gun him down where he... hung. Choi left Vader a permanent scar on his face though by hurling his lightsaber through Vader's helmet.

What's to like about Jedi Knight Bultar Swan?

FIRST: Well it's nice to see an Asian character in Star Wars. There aren't that many. It was nice of Dark Horse comics to give her a major role in one of the most iconic comic-book one-shots: Star Wars: Purge (Written by John Ostrander and Penciled by Douglas Wheatley.) - even if that role cost her her life.

We forgot to mention that Bultar Swan was released as part of a Star Wars Legacy Collection Evolutions - Jedi Legacy - three pack along with Qui-Gon Jinn and Luke Skywalker. Another version of Bultar Swan was released as part of a two-pack with Koffi Arana and Darth Vader's severed arm (Yes, just the arm). But that had her dressed in casual clothing rather than the Jedi Robes she wears here.

SECOND: Her upper body articulation is excellent. She can dual wield her lightsaber:

What's NOT to like about Jedi Knight Bultar Swan?

FIRST: Well we're not sure how it can be improved but we think that this is a very poor representation of Australian actress Mimi Daraphet. She almost looks like a stick drawing.

SECOND: The figure is also sadly lacking a second unlit-lightsaber, and even if she did, the hole where most lightsabers are pegged is not developed enough to accept a lightsaber peg.

THIRD: That's about it for her leg articulation thanks to the thickness of her lower tabard. What you see here is about the extent of it - even if the leg joints can actually go further.

The Star Wars Legacy Collection Evolutions - Jedi Legacy - three pack is available on Amazon for US$ 49.95 (Roughly PhP 2,247.75 plus shipping). A fine addition for anyone collecting Geonosis Arena Jedi.

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