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Force Unleashed Battle Damaged Darth Vader

Presenting the Force Unleashed Battle Damaged Darth Vader.

Darth Vader is easily one of the most sought after kick-ass figures of the Star Wars Universe.

This is based upon the Darth Vader that appears at the end of the Force Unleashed video-game. Simply choose to let Rahm Kota die, submit to the Dark Side of the Force, and you have one more task to do: Kill the battle ravaged Darth Vader.

BUT don't be mistaken! Just because the Dark Lord of Sith looks like crap doesn't mean that he's vulnerable. In fact he's far more dangerous when he has nothing left to lose and he's at the end of his rope.

Waaaaay harder to kill.

But you do get the "Revenge Achievement" if you do.

Choose the Light Side. The Emperor is easier to beat.

The Force Unleashed Battle Damaged Darth Vader comes with everything you see here:
  • A battle damaged removable helmet
  • A clamp-on part of his left sleeve
  • A clamp-on part of his left boot
  • A holed, slashed up cape. 
Technically Darth Vader should not be able to survive with his mask damaged. It's the most important part of his armor as it was the central control and interface (via needles) of Vader to the rest of his armor - serial number: E-3778Q-1 . 

Given the amount of damage that Darth Vader's armor had sustained he should be dead rather than being able to unleash the full fury of the Dark Side on Galen Marek. 

Which leads to our personal theory about Darth Vader: He's so filled with anger that he's literally still burning with the Dark Side of the Force. 

In simpler terms, we believe that Darth Vader is actually dead. 

Through his hatred though, he did finally find a way to cheat death and that is what keeps him alive. This would explain why Bacta treatments would fail to work on him. It's been postulated that the Emperor kept him from doing so, but we've seen the latitude of freedom that Vader has in the new comic book series and even in the movies. Vader has tried in the past to rid himself of the armor and failed. He's burning himself, and the armor is helping him continue a vicious cycle of regeneration. 

When Darth Vader finally defied the Emperor, he let go of his hate and there went his immortality. 

That's our theory. And we prefer to think of Darth Vader as a wraith anyway.

What's to like about the Force Unleashed Battle Damaged Darth Vader?

FIRST: You want detailing? THIS is detailing!

As you can see EVERYTHING is f*&ked up. Force Unleashed Battle Damaged Darth Vader's cape is in tatters; The padding of his armor is all scuffed and shows signs of wear and compression; The metal on his chest-plate is battered, dented and broken; There is a reddish fluid leaking out of the devices on his belt.

You can clearly see the charred remains of Anakin Skywalker's face and look at how painful the interface between Darth Vader's artificial lower leg and his leg stump looks!

He practically screams "I WILL NOT GO GENTLY INTO THAT GOOD NIGHT!!!!"

The Force Unleashed Battle Damaged Darth Vader's lightsaber also looks... thready.... to us - as if it too, is damaged. But it didn't translate well during photography so we photoshopped them all. 

SECOND:  The modularity. While we do not think it is necessary, we do appreciate the fact that you can return some of the damaged parts of Vader's costume to his body - so you can recreate the scene where Galen Malek takes Vader's helmet apart.

THIRD: The Force Unleashed Battle Damaged Darth Vader's articulation is excellent! He can dial wield his lightsaber and the only real hindrance is the lower part of his tabbard which is made from hard plastic. This keeps Darth Vader from kneeling - not that we think he would given his defiant state. 

What's to like about the Force Unleashed Battle Damaged Darth Vader?

FIRSTWell that gaping hole on his chest which serves as the peg-hole for the battle-damaged removable part is quite.... distracting. Yes, we can think of it as a lightsaber stab-wound that automatically cauterized, but it's still.... ewwww. Since the rest of Darth Vader's break-away armor pieces were friction based, perhaps they should have made this particular item friction based as well.

SECOND: Well we already mentioned that the lower part of Force Unleashed Battle Damaged Darth Vader's tabbard is made of hard-plastic so his movement is hampered - which is a shame really.

Bottom line though is that we love this particular figure! It shows that Darth Vader is no spic-and-span pretty princess, but is someone who will go through whatever lengths to get the job done.

Death will not stop the Dark Lord of Sith.

This particular Force Unleashed Battle Damaged Darth Vader was purchased from Ebay for PhP 895 plus shipping (Roughly US$ 19.99). A brand new one on Amazon will set you back roughly the same price plus shipping. WELL WORTH IT!!!!

P.S.While researching the product on Amazon, we came across this: 

Would you dress your child like this? Let's see a show of hands!!!!

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