Monday, February 23, 2015

STAR WARS KO Lego General Grievous Wheel Bike

Presenting the STAR WARS KO Lego version of the Wheel Bike of General Grievous.

To the uninitiated, this is a Tsmeu-6 Personal wheel bike. It was meant as a reconnaissance vehicle by Z-Gomot Ternbuell Guppat Corporation, till some madman discovered and relished in the idea that a big-spiked wheel traveling at 330kph can sow a little "damage" to arrayed troops - at the very least it will clear a path.

General Grievous made the Tsmeu-6 personal wheel bike even more... grievous.... by removing the passenger seat and arming it with an ND-53 Double laser cannon.

And the bad boy had at least three of them made.

Yes, this is a knock-off. We actually forgot to take a picture of the packaging - or we misplaced it - so this is what it looks like in the box courtesy of Hydra Toys on Facebook. Officially it is the Space Wars TIE Interceptor - yes, TIE Interceptor (Hey it's a Knock-off!).

It's soooo fake that this isn't even General Grievous' bike. The Star Wars KO LEGO General Grievous Wheel Bike doesn't come with a General Grievous, it comes with a strangely time misplaced Darth Revan.

Which is actually cool.


FIRST: It comes with Darth Revan. We think this is cool and definitely a nicer find - at least to us - over a General Grievous.

Especially since Darth Revan was only released in 2014 as a promotional item in some stores in the US.

So this is a rather cheap way to get one, but seriously we're not complaining and we're not even sure if people can tell the difference if the KO and Original are put side-by-side.

Especially if you can find him a silver hilt for his lightsaber to match the original.

We guess Obi-Wan Kenobi is cool too, but he doesn't come with a lightsaber, he comes with armed with an electrostaff and an optional pistol in honor of how Obi-Wan Kenobi ends General Grievous. Kenobi doesn't look very happy.

SECOND:  The actual wheel is solid! We were expecting the wheel to be fragile and for the actual threads to keep falling apart, but no! the thread is actually the most solid part of General Grievous' Wheel Bike - and that's a real assembled chain! The STAR WARS KO LEGO General Grievous Wheel Bike can freely roll on itself without fear of parts just dropping off.

THIRD: The STAR WARS KO LEGO General Grievous Wheel Bike is a frightening concept! You would not want to be standing in front of this vehicle when it travels at full speed, nor would you like to be grazed by those exposed blades on the side - and we're not even talking about the dual-cannons (There's also a push activated missile on the side) or whatever the driver may be armed with.

FOURTH: Have no roads, will still travel. The STAR WARS KO LEGO General Grievous Wheel Bike can fold out its legs and walk should there be no more roads open to it making the Wheel Bike an all-terrain vehicle - and a scary four legged monster with claws.


FIRST: We're having difficulty finding anything wrong with it. We suppose people will not like that the "foot blades" are loose and keep spinning around. When you fold the legs to the side, they tend to flop down.

SECOND: There was also a poorly molded piece that you can clearly see at the top of this review attaching Darth Revan to the Wheel Bike (Did you notice that there is no "seat" per se? Revan is attached by his feet to the Wheel Bike). So much for quality control, but hey! It's a KO.

THIRD:  Well.... This is The STAR WARS KO LEGO General Grievous Wheel Bike, that's not General Grievous. That's Darth Revan.

This particular The STAR WARS KO LEGO General Grievous Wheel Bike was purchased from the black-market of St Francis Square for PhP 350 (Roughly US$ 7.78). It is available on Amazon (Original LEGO, not the fake one) for US$ 20.99 (Roughly PhP 945 plus shipping). It is available in Toy Kingdom and Toys R'Us here in the Philippines for PhP 2,799.75 (Roughly US$ 62.22 - RIP OFF!!!!!). Given how much the original costs in the Philippies, we'll stick to the KOs.

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