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GI Joe Retaliation Jinx

Presenting Jinx from the GI Joe Retaliation Toy Line.

Yes. Two years after the release of the GI Joe Retaliation movie, we finally got our hands on the ultra-expensive and hard-to-find Jinx action figure (Of course we're still looking for the unmasked and red-masked SDCC versions - or the really, really expensive Kim Arashikage figure - if only they were cheaper).

To the uninitiated (Really? Why are you here?) this particular Jinx was portrayed by Elodie Yung in the GI Joe Retaliation movie. Jinx was more or less a supporting character who was struggling to earn the respect of Snake-Eyes who mistrusted her primarily because Jinx was the cousin of his nemesis Storm-Shadow.

Jinx was with Snake-Eyes in the battle of a red-ninja filled mountain to kidnap Storm-Shadow. It is during that battle that she wore this yellow-jacket ninja outfit which ran contrary to her traditional cartoon incarnation red outfit. This was probably done to help distinguish her from the rest of the red ninjas (Black was taken by Snake-Eyes).

Or GI Joe Retaliation director John Chu is a fan of the Power Rangers.

This particular GI Joe Retaliation Jinx was purchased loose from ebay so we don't have the blister pack but it reads "Kim Arashikage is the spirited ninja apprentice in the Arashikage ninja clan. 

She uses her skills to help the G.I. Joe team, where she earns the nickname Jinx after putting the whammy on Cobra. Her weapon pack is loaded with ninja gear and weapons for high-flying action and stealthy attacks!"

GI Joe team resident kunoichi (Female Ninja) Jinx comes fully loaded with the following:

  • A pair of katana blades and their sheathes;
  • A pair of nunchucks;
  • A pair of ninja kubotan similar but cruder to the ones used by Storm Shadow;
  • A double ended ninja yari (Spear) that is the Comic Book Jinx's signature weapon;
  • A pair of sais; 
  • A pair of climbing axes;
  • A "gun"  that looks like it's a part of the climbing mechanism but isn't and is too big for her. Perhaps it's something used by mountaineers that fires off spikes/anchors into the mountainside;
  • A climbing mechanism that folds into a really big bag that can hold most of her equipment. 

What's NOT to like about the GI Joe Retaliation Jinx?

FIRST: Yes, well we're beginning the review with what we don't like about the GI Joe Retaliation Jinx - which is very important because it really affects the figure.

The biggest, and most obvious - you've probably already spotted the problem (We didn't even try to hide it since it would take too much time to hide), is that Jinx cannot hold her weapons.

Her hands are so wide everything slides through - especially since most of.... all... her weapons are thin. As a result, every weapon you see in this review is held there by blue-tack (That you can clearly make out in the pictures)

They're also shaped for holding guns, not blades or spears.

SECOND: As with the GI Joe Retaliation Lady Jaye figure, The GI Joe Retaliation Jinx figure lacks the new wrist articulation introduced in the Pursuit of Cobra line, and the ability to turn any part of her legs outward - so her feet will always point forward.

THIRD: Unlike the rest of the Retaliation line, particularly those who were trying to recreate the Skycommanders theme, Jinx comes with a paltry short thin line from her gearbox. Nowhere nearly as robust or as long as the 7-foot lines that accompanies most of the Joes/Cobras.

FOURTH: Should we even bother talking about the bright and very stealthy canary yellow? Or is that more of a critique of the movie rather than of the toyline that followed?

What's to like about the GI Joe Retaliation Jinx?

FIRSTIf you can look past the figure's inability to hold her weapons, Jinx is actually a very decent action figure with excellent detailing.

We're particularly fond of the Arashikage clan markings on her uniform which can be found not just on her left and right shoulder, but on her back where it is hidden by her sword scabbards - talk about Clan loyalty. Jinx has no GI Joe organizational markings, because, well.... technically she wasn't a GI Joe until the end of the movie when Joe Colton welcomed her officially to the team.

Also check out her lower legs. we love the detailing there.

We're also glad that, unlike some Storm Shadow figures we've seen, Jinx's eye painting came out quite well. Nothing askew or crossed. So definite points for quality control.

SECONDJinx is a darling to pose. Especially when you throw in a support stand to allow for more acrobatic poses.

Here she is with her swords:

Yes, GI Joe Retaliation Jinx can kneel. 

Here she is with her  yari

Retaliation Jinx with her sais:

Jinx with her kubotan - note how her "pistol grip"  skewers everything.

Here she is with her nunchucks - we should note that that rope was not fixed when we found it and had to tie it - which is a point against their quality control.

And last, Jinx fighting with her modern axes:

THIRD: GI Joe Retaliation Jinx is actually neat! Literally. Her ascension gear box can store her weapons which is a fine change from having to store so much equipment elsewhere.

Oh we finally figured out what that "gun" is for. It's a key to open the storage box. Push it into that round receptacle and it opens up. However you can also just push the round receptacle and it will open - with or without the "gun-key."

There are actually other reviews that show that you can store her modern axes in there as well, but there is no way that that box is going to close if you put the in - well you can but you'll stretch the plastic.

This particular GI Joe Retaliation Jinx was purchased from ebay for US$ 11.99 (Roughly PhP 539.55) plus shipping. It is available on Amazon (Boo! Next time we should check there first) for as low as US$ 9.24 (Roughly PhP 415.80 plus shipping). We're actually surprised her value isn't appreciating but she is definitely a fine addition to our GI Joe ninja clan.

It's a shame though that GI Joe Retaliation Jinx cannot do any of the above weapon poses without Blue Tack.

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