Friday, January 9, 2015


Presenting the COBRA Arctic BAT (Battle Android Trooper) from the GI Joe Arctic Ambush 2-pack.

In 2011 we featured the really wonderfully decked out COBRA Jungle BAT and we really loved the idea of a heavily armed soldier that just refuses to die no matter how many times you shoot him.

And this is the Arctic version of the Jungle BAT.

We picked up the GI Joe Arctic Ambush 2-pack precisely for the COBRA Arctic BAT - not that we didn't appreciate a reissued Snow-job, it's just that we already had one and this one didn't even have a bi-pod for his sniper-rifle.

You just have to respect COBRA's unrelenting disposable trooper.

The GI Joe Arctic Ambush blister pack talks about how "For 50 years, G.I. Joe Action figures have filled our imaginations with dangerous missions and exciting adventures as the G.I. Joe team battles COBRA Villains!"

It then goes on to describe the COBRA Arctic Bat as: "Arctic Combat Troopers" who have a Secondary Military Speciality as (Surprise!) "Portable Generators!"

The blister pack says that the Arctic BATS are "Designed for cold-climate missions, Arctic B.A.T. Troopers are designed with winter camouflage exoskeletons and components customized for optimal use in subzero conditions. Like all COBRA B.A.T. troopers, they never question orders, complain about the chow, shirk duty, or surrender. They require no leave time, sick pay or benefits of any kind, and they are cheap and easy to replace."

The COBRA Arctic BAT comes with:
  • An M48 Light Weight Machine Gun
  • An unidentified Assault Rifle with winter camouflage
  • A 1911A1 pistol
  • An alternate Laser arm
  • An alternate Claw arm
  • An alternate Flame Thrower Arm
  • Two (2) Ice Axes. 
  • An Alternate Head (Damaged)
  • An Alternate Chest plate (Damaged)

What's to like about the COBRA Arctic B.A.T.?

FIRST:  The alternate parts. It's not original. The COBRA Jungle BAT had an alternate damaged head. But we did cite the COBRA Jungle BAT for not having an alternate chest-piece. So regardless of which head you put on, the COBRA Jungle BAT would always have a bullet-ridden chest.

Not so in the case of the COBRA Arctic BAT. You can start off the Arctic BAT in pristine condition then work your way to a totally bullet ridden look with both the Arctic BAT's head and breast-panel riddled with bullets.

You can even photoshop in a glowing red eye.

SECOND: We also love how this particular Battle Android Trooper bears a reversed color scheme when compared to a regular B.A.T. THIRD: Articulation is excellent. The COBRA Arctic BAT can kneel, but sadly that chest-plate gets in the way of most attempts of the COBRA Arctic BAT to dual wield his weapons - though it's still possible as you can see below. The COBRA Arctic BAT should be also be strong enough to fire that Light-Machine gun with one arm:

FOURTH: That Flamethrower will definitely be devastating in the snow. Should that fail the COBRA Arctic BAT can still fall back on his laser and Battle-Claw:

But if you really want to be scary, just give the COBRA Arctic BAT a pair of ice-axes:

Personally we think that the idea of the COBRA Arctic BAT with a pair of Ice-Axes is scarier than the thought of him reaching for his pistol:

What's NOT to like about the COBRA Arctic B.A.T.?

Aside from the problem with the chest-plate getting into the way of the COBRA Arctic BAT dual-wielding weapons,  FIRST:  While we love that you can replace the chest-plate, actually getting the plate out to begin with can be challenging because you need to pry it out.

Now prying out the damaged plate is easy because you can even use your fingers to reach into the damaged portion and pull it out, but the undamaged plate? Nothing short of a thin blade can be used to pry it out and we generally frown upon having to take a knife to an action figure.

SECOND: The COBRA Arctic BAT's right hand is a bit wide. If you you closely at the image where he's holding the ice-axe, you will see that the axe is blue-tacked to his hand.

Other than that, the only problem is that we wish that there were more of him.

The COBRA Arctic B.A.T. is available as a part of the GI Joe Arctic Ambush 2-pack that can be purchased on Amazon for US$ 18.13 (Roughly PhP 815.15 plus shipping).

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