Monday, December 22, 2014

Transformers Generations Headmaster Brainstorm

Presenting the Headmaster Brainstorm from the Transformers Generations toyline.

To the uninitiated, this is actually two characters: A Nebulon scientific genius who created the HeadMaster Technology called Arcana, and; an equally gifted Autobot called Brainstorm.

When Koraja, the Nebulon capital was seige by Decepticons, they actually had Autobot prisoners who refused to act unless the people of Nebulon trusted them.

As a compromise, Arcana developed a procedure that would allow him to merge with the Autobots and gain some form of control over their actions. The Autobots agreed and the Headmasters were born.

He/they would later go on to handle the reconstruction of Fortress Maximus and be among the first victims to be eaten by Uniron - who found him "Pathetic but tasty"

Brainstorm would later be rebuilt - sans Arcana (Dead) - using his original head.

We kinda prefer this orgin story to the one where Daniel Witwicky is injured and, to survive, is merged with Arcee. That's just f*#ked up

We also know that this is the Arcana/Brainstorm Headmaster gestalt because whenever Arcana would combine with Brainstorm, the gestalt's statistics would appear on his chest - albeit these stats do not reflect the stats of Brainstorm on his blister pack. The action is spring loaded, and simply inserting Brainstorm's head into his body will release the lock and the stats will appear. Flip the seat back up after using - just like you would a toilet seat - so that you can put Arcana into the cockpit after.

The Headmaster Brainstorm seems to be lacking in strength.The Transformers Generations Headmaster Brainstorm's blister-pack reads: "Brainstorm: A genius scientist and diabolical inventor, Brainstorm develops advanced weaponry for the Autobots. Although many of his inventions are deemed too devastating for use in actual combat, its possible his laboratory is his most dangerous creation. 

Brainstorm frequently ignores proper safety protocols and an unwary visitor to his lab runs a high risk of triggering some half-finished doomsday weapon. In spite of this, he is allowed to continue his work, proof of just how valuable Brainstorm is to the Autobot cause."

Brainstorm's description is closer to his IDW version - who has yet to reveal himself as a Headmaster - if he even is one.

The Blister pack goes on to list Transformers Generations Brainstorm's stats as:
  • Strength - 8 - Respectable and not as weak as the statistics on his chest. 
  • Intelligence - 10 - nuff-said
  • Speed - 7 - Hmmm. He looks faster in space-fighter mode. 
  • Endurance - 6 - Well even we know he's a short-ranged space-fighter.
  • Rank - 8
  • Courage - 7
  • Fireblast - 7
  • Skill - 10 - Skillfull AND intelligent. 
What's to like about the TF Generations Headmaster Brainstorm?

FIRST: The concept. This is the first Headmaster we've seen in ages so we had to get it out of sheer curiosity. And we love how Hasbro has thrown his origin up into the air. By not naming Arcana, Hasbro made Brainstorm generic enough that you can adopt Brainstorm into any of his origins or to whatever genre you prefer.

Personally actually we prefer the origin story where Generations HeadMaster Brainstorm is a Transtector - like Optimus Prime (Ginrai) - ergo Brainstorm isn't a biological, he's just a really small Transformer who decided to create a bigger shell so that he could survive (And do you know what he transformed into? Nothing! But he did so with honor!). We believe this would be a better origin because this would really suck:
If we follow the Transtector origin, then this is the true Brainstorm and SECOND we love the detail that went into his face! That's a smirk!:

Chances are Brainstorm would not leave his body standing up. I doubt if he could climb it - that would be embarrassing. More than likely he transforms first - which is a simple matter of jumping down to the cockpit for him:

And then Transformers Generations Brainstorm transforms - THIRD revealing a fan touted supposed 3rd form - a gun platform:

FOURTH: We love the sleek look of his fighter mode - sleek and sexy - too bad it doesn't have the speed to back it up. Hopefully it's maneuverable.

Transformers Generations Headmaster Brainstorm's articulation is acceptable but disappointing when compared to the articulation of Springer and Sandstorm. It's closer to appearance, simplicity of transformation and articulation to Roadbuster.

You can leave Brainstorm's cannons attached to his back providing a modicum of firepower. You can point them to a 45 degree angle forward.

Or you can take them down and make the Headmaster Brainstorm a double barreled gunslinger:

What's NOT to like about the TF Generations Headmaster Brainstorm?

FIRST: We're a bit disappointed with the less than spectacular articulation. Brainstorm has no wrist articulation; cannot twist at the waist, and; cannot kneel.

Neither can Brainstorm/ Arcana move much either. Hasbro did not even bother giving him elbows. Strange since his size is still comparable to a mini-cons'.

SECOND: While we love Brainstorm/ Arcana's face - what with that curved smile - we are horrified by how horrendous his facial paint was applied. One of these days we'd probably clean it up ourselves. Ours even has a little plastic flash left over at the groin area.

THIRD: There is a gap between the cockpit and the rear of the cockpit - the lock that keeps Brainstorm's head in place. It's a minor detail but we find it irritating. There have been some complaints about the lock failing and people having difficulty removing Brainstorm's head on the internet, but we have yet to encounter that problem. It must be a Hasbro Quality Control issue.

This particular Transformers Generations Headmaser Brainstorm was purchased at Toy Kingdom in SM Mall of Asia here in the Philippines for PhP 1,499.75 (Roughly US$ 33.33). It is available on Amazon for US$ 42.44 (Roughly 1,909.80 plus shipping). It is a wonderful tribute to the G1 Brainstorm and an interesting conversation piece well worth membership into any Transformer collection.


  1. Hard to believe this is made by Hasbro.At first glance,I thought it was a 3rd party toy.Overall, this is the best Generations figure ever!Personally,he even beats Fansproject Smart robin! Is he as tall as Springer and Sunstorm?The headmaster Arcana's paint apps make me throw up blood!


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