Thursday, December 25, 2014

Transformers Combiner Wars Powerglide

Presenting Powerglide from the Transformers Combiner Wars toyline.

In 2012, we reviewed the Transformers Dark of the Moon Cyberverse verson of Powerglide and we were quite happy with the modern depiction of the figure back then.

We did however cite him for having big feet, a cantaloupe between his legs and the loss of articulation due to the fact that his wings were positioned on his outer arms instead of being next to his body like his original incarnation and this Combiners Wars version.

Anyway we're particularly fond of the Autobot flying daredevil because of the fact that he is the only Autobot - that we can think of - that fell in love with a human female -socialite Astoria Carlton Ritz. Who gave Powerglide a broken heart.

Transformers Combiner War Powerglide's blister pack reads a very terse and simple "Autobot Powerglide: Aerial acrobat well-versed in dogfighting tactics" and oddly features a picture of the Transformers Combiner Wars Skydive - figure sold separately, subject to availability - holding Powerglide in his new spanking new 3rd gun mode.

What's to like about the TF Combiner Wars Powerglide?

FIRST: The Transformers Combiners War Powerglide is without a doubt the best rendition of Powerglide as he appears in the Transformers G1 series: wings next to his body, round "popeye" like arms; blocky legs where his jets are.

We're particularly fond of that broad chest which is just thrust out there proudly matching his boastful nature as a high-flying acrobat - even though the Fairchild Republic A-10 Warthog is not known for arobatics - unless you count terrain hugging

Here's the Transformers Combiner Wars Powerglide next to his DOTM version:

As you can see, the Transformers Combiner Wars Powerglide is definitely simpler, more solid and a fine tribute to the G1 Powerglide.

Sidenote: There's a theory that those who are potentially "worthy" of holding the Matrix of Leadership - like Springer - have baby-blue eyes. So what does that say about Powerglide? 

SECOND: Articulation is fairly good for such a small Transformer. Combiner Wars Powerglide can be made to kneel - in a fashion:

What's NOT to like about the TF Combiner Wars Powerglide?

FIRST: Transformers Combiner Wars Powerglide's Fairchild Warthog mode looks horrible - either that or we're just really biased for the silver and red trim of the DOTM Powerglide:

We're particularly disappointed with how Powerglide's Warthog looks from the side - note the misolored fuselage where his legs are and how the nose is waaay higher due to the lack of landing gear at the back:

SECOND: We cannot say that we are real fans of Combiner Wars Powerglide's weapon mode either. The mini-missile launchers are blocked by two of the three energy barrels. It doesn't make sense:

Combiner Wars Powerglide is also a tad heavy to be carried around even by his larger Generations allies:

THIRD: Speaking of weapons: Why doesn't Powerglide have any?

This particular Transformers Combiner Wars Powerglide was purchased from Toy Kingdom in Megamall here in the Philippines at the retail price of PhP 599.75 (Roughly US$ 13.33). As of this writing, Transformers Combiner Wars Powerglide is not available in Amazon. He's a must have. Just don't transform him.

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