Tuesday, December 9, 2014

MP-10 Optimus Prime Replacement Hands

Presenting the MP-10 Replacement Hands and Ion Cannon for Optimus Prime from KFC. AKA the KFC (Keith's Fantasy Club) KP-06.

If you read our Year of the Horse MP10 Optimus Prime Review, you would have noted that we cited it for having poor hand articulation, and; we totally enjoyed how the UFO Replacement Hands beefed up our movie Optimus Primes; so we absolutely had to get these when we saw them on Ebay.

The fact that the KFC-KP-06 came with an improved and more realistic sized version of Optimus Prime's Ion Cannon seemed quite trivial to us since we really didn't mind the smaller ion cannon.

What did get us though was that a few weeks after purchasing this, we saw another version of the KFC-KP-06 intended for the YOTH Optimus Prime. What we have is the one intended for the plain old MP-10.

The KFC-KP-06 Replacement Hands for the MP-10 Optimus Prime comes packaged as you see below with nothing written on the blister card and definitely no instructions.

But it does not take a genius to figure out that all you have to do is loosen the screw found in the knife-side of your MP-10s hands to remove them - where Prime is pointing - to remove Prime's hands:

You can see the same screws on the bottom of the KFC Optimus Prime Replacement Hands:

So replacing the hands is quite simple:

What's to like about the MP-10 Optimus Prime Replace - ment Hands?

FIRST: They do make the MP-10 much much better. It really did bother us that the hands were not articulated. And we were having problems with the ion-cannon popping the finger of the MP-10's hands off every time you would add it.

So we really do enjoy what the hands can do. They are SECOND:  also made by softer, more malleable plastic so they are a lot more poseable than the  UFO Replacement Hands

So that's about it. Wheeeee!!!!!

THIRD: The Ion Cannon really is an improvement. There really isn't anything wrong with the folding Ion Cannon - which really is a marvel - but should you need something a bit more.... "macho".... then you have the KFC-KP-06 

We should also point out that the MP-10 Optimus Prime Replacement hands do not interfere with the MP-10's Axe Attachment:

What's NOT to like about the MP-10 Optimus Prime Replacement Hands?

FIRST: Well there's no missing it: The hands are a shade lighter than the hands of the Year of the Horse Optimus Prime.

Now unfortunately we do not own an MP-10 per-se. But we do know that the hand color of the MP-10 is not that different from the hand color of Year of the Horse Optimus Prime.

We really should get the Year of the Horse Optimus Prime version of the KFC-KP-06 Optimus Prime Replacement Hands.

This particular Year of the Horse Optimus Prime. was purchased from TK HK for PhP 1,000 (Roughly US$ 22.22). It is not available in Amazon.

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