Sunday, December 7, 2014

Lego Star Wars Rebels The Phantom (Ghost Part 2)

Presenting the LEGO version of The Phantom from the Star Wars Rebels Animated Series.

With the Lego version of thief, all-around scalawag and Jedi Padawan Ezra Bridger at the helm.

To the uninitiated the Phantom is a Corellian Engineering Corporation Attack Shuttle that docks with the Ghost - while docked, it serves as the tail-gun of the Ghost  keeping in line with the B-17 design of the Ghost.

It comes armed to the teeth and actually packs a punch - though it trades off defensive power for its firepower.

The Phantom comes armed with a of Taim & Bak MS-2B twin laser cannon up front and a Taim & Bak KX4 dorsal laser turret up top.

The blister pack of the Lego Star Wars Rebels Phantom does not say anything about the Phantom. In a nutshell though, the Phantom is a short-ranged attack shuttle. The Star Wars Rebels - or Spectres - use it for espionage, infiltration, short range cargo deliveries, retrieval, and, of course, as an effective offensive fighter craft when necessary. The Phantom's existence vastly improves the flexibility of the Star Wars Rebels.

What's to like about the Lego version of the Star Wars Rebels Phantom?

FIRST: The design. It's fairly accurate in comparison to the Star Wars Rebels TV series version: i.e. one pilot up front, storage/passengers in the back; and a folding ramp out on the back.

Albeit, the Phantom is smaller than it should be and the guns up front are really long and they replaced the top turret with a spring-loaded missile launcher - which actually looks like a turret when the missile is loaded.

SECOND:  We love the Cartoon series accurate folding wings. Like most shuttles in STAR WARS, shuttles come with folding wings. The Phantom is no different.

THIRD: The Phantom comes with an extra mode which separates the forward part . Makes you wonder if this will come in the Star Wars Rebels series - though we highly doubt it. It's like... pushing it.

FOURTH: The Star Wars Rebels Phantom comes with the Lego versions of Ezra Bridges - and his Imperial cadet helmet - and C1-10P "Chopper".

FIFTH:  The Phantom docks with the the Ghost completing it.

What's NOT to like about the Lego version of the Star Wars Rebels Phantom?

There are a few problems that we have with the LEGO Phantom's piggyback ability with the Ghost:

FIRST: It makes the Ghost back-heavy - literally - the balance of the Ghost shifts to the back when the Phantom sits in it's dock. Hell if the engines were on the other end, it would look like the Phantom is the Ghost's cockpit. It's simply too large and juts out waaay too much.

SECOND:  While parked cockpit out, the Phantom in the Star Wars Rebels series has more than once shown the ability to park itself on the Ghost nose-first - especially during emergencies. The LEGO Star Wars Rebels Phantom does not have such an ability.

THIRD: Look at the photo of the Star Wars Rebels below. Looks great right? Notice anyone missing? Where is Mandalorian Weapons Expert Sabine Wren? Let me guess: We have to buy something else to have it. Booooo

FOURTH: This particular LEGO Star Wars Rebels The Phantom, was purchased from Toy Kingdom in Megamall here in the Philippines for waaaaaaaayyyyyy too much. It is available on Amazon for US$ 24.99 (Roughly PhP  1,124. We paid more than twice that). 

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