Thursday, December 4, 2014

Dr Wu TF4 Hound Belly Add-On

Hello. I am Baymax, your personal Healthcare Companion.
Presenting the Dr Wu MO 02 Mercenary Belly Add-On for the TF4 Hound.

When we reviewed TF4 Hound all the way back in June prior to the Transformers Age of Extinction's release, we admit that we did not bother to check the spoiler images on-line.

Then surprise! TF4 Hound was fat! He was so fat, he collapsed in the movie not because he was dying in the last stand that Michael Bay put him in, but because he was freakin exhausted from all exerting himself.

Major fail.

Quite different from the barrel chested wall of a figure that we reviewed back in June.

The only redeeming thing out of the TF4 Hound was that he was voiced by the wonderful John Goodman but frankly he looked more like a Bulkhead than a Hound. Perhaps Bay should have called him Bulkhead.

Admittedly we did not look closely at the packaging - and again we did not look at the internet - which already provided clues that Hound was going to be fat.

We did not notice that the belly was on the artwork, so the Dr Wu TF4 Hound Belly Add-On makes the Voyager class Autobot more "Packaging Art" accurate and - thanks to the internet again - closer to how he actually appears in the movie:

The Dr Wu TF4 Hound Belly Add-On is specifically known as the Dr Wu or DW MO2 Mercenary Add on.

 It comes with no packaging save for a self-sealed plastic container and requires assembly - which is pretty straight forward and easy. The end product looks like this:

Let's put the Dr Wu TF4 Hound Belly add-on:

It basically provides TF4 Hound with extra ammunition; a harness where you can hang a pair of grenades; a pair of flash-bangs, and a belt with pouches:

What's to like about the Dr Wu TF4 Hound Belly Add-on?

FIRST: The Dr Wu TF4 Hound Belly Add-On definitely makes TF4 Hound look amazing and definitely package accurate.

Now there are no actual rules as to how to attach the DW M02 Mercenary Upgrade. If you have it, you will have to find your own way of attaching it.

Personally we preferred to have it placed so that the very harness falls underneath his chest plate. If you look at the picture of TF4 Hound's back up top, you will notice that the straps are not even. There is definitely a lot of guess work and fidgeting involved to place it.

We also recommend that you add all of TF4 Hound's guns AFTER you put on the Dr Wu TF4 Hound Belly Add-On.

Second: It may look it, but the Dr Wu TF4 Hound Belly Add-On does NOT interfere with TF4 Hound's articulation thanks to the softeness of the plastic used:

Not even when the weapons cross his chest:

What's NOT to like about the Dr Wu DW M02 Mercenary Upgrade?

FIRST: Dr Wu forgot to beef up TF4 Hound's legs while he was making him a belly. In the process, he looks like an armed up John Goodman stepping out to battle without his pants on.

Or a hipster John Goodman with skinny jeans.

SECOND: The Dr Wu TF4 Hound Belly Add-on It made out of horrible plastic. Half the time we were having problems with the pegs popping out. When they do, you have to remove the entire thing just to fix it.

We would have appreciated it more if the M02 Mercenary Upgrade flushed nicely against his body instead of looking like a loose hard harness.

THIRD: It looks ridiculous when added to his truck mode. Why does the truck have pockets? Again there are no instructions as to how the M02 Mercenary Upgrade should be attached:

FOURTH: The Dr Wu TF4 Hound Belly Add-On can't hold his grenades.

This particular Dr Wu TF4 Hound Belly Add-On / DW M02 Mercenary Upgrade was purchased from TF HK on Facebook for PhP 1,450 (Roughly US$ 32.22). Pricey for the cheap plastic, but worth it. 

While working on TF4 Hound by the way, we have to say that we really like how his "ammo" looks stored in truck mode:

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