Monday, November 17, 2014

GI Joe Bomb Disposal Vehicle

Presenting the GI Joe Bomb Disposal Vehicle - under the tender ministrations of Tunnel Rat.

The GI Joe Bomb Disposal Vehicle is one of what we in the Dungeon like to call "mini-rig" vehicles of the GI Joe team since they were support vehicles.

There were two that we were aware of in 1985, the Bomb Disposal Vehicle and the Weapons Transport. At one time we had both vehicles in the Dungeon but they disappeared over the years and we only recently reacquired the Bomb Disposal Vehicle.

This is actually THE FIRST GI Joe vehicle in the Dungeon in the same way that the Star Wars Mini-Rig INT-4 Interceptor was the first STAR WARS vehicle in the Dungeon. So as with the INT-4, this vehicle holds a special place in our hearts.

Unfortunately I was unable to recover a Bomb Disposal Vehicle that came with a box so we have no idea what it says. It did come with it's manual though that basically explains that the GI Joe Bomb Disposal comes with:

  • An all-terrain limited-travel track system - so don't expect it to go very far, it's not supposed to;
  • A main Spaced-Armor Honeycomb Deflector shield backed by lateral occupant shields supporting a;
  • Secondary bracer claw/Engine Armor plate that receives ordnance from a;
  • A hydraulic claw elevator strut which in this case are;
  • A cast aluminum 250 lb AP-K57 Armor Piercing Bomb and a pair of High-Explosive anti-tank mines with pressure-activated 110 lb fuses. 
  • It also has a universal tow-hook up back.
What's to like about the GI Joe Bomb Disposal Vehicle?

FIRST: Well when you're ten years old you're given a vehicle that "theoretically" blows up things while keeping the driver safe (There's actually a sign up front that says "Detonate Bomb Here"), you just have to love that! It's a short range indestructible vehicle! 

Forget reality a little a let your imagination roll! 

Of course the reality is that if you tried to explode anything in a vehicle this small - or if you treated ordnance this roughly, you'd more than likely be dead, armor or no armor.

SECOND: You gotta love the simplicity of the design. It's a tractor with a back-hoe and a bull-dozer shield. THIRD: The GI Joe Bomb Disposal Vehicle fits the 30th Anniversary GI Joe figures unlike a lot of GI Joe Vintage vehicles:

FOURTH: The simplicity of the arm: It moves up, it moves down, it moves forward and back:

And that's what allows the GI Joe Bomb Disposal Vehicle to pick things up:

The GI Joe Bomb Disposal Vehicle can also pick up mines:

FIFTH: NO FREAKIN WAY are you supposed to treat ordnance that way. But ordnance rendered inert? Hmmmmm. Why not? Who would want to pick up a bomb anyway. But if it was just a matter of pushing it into a hole so it could be blown up? Why not? I can see that happening.

SIXTH: At the very least, you'd have a very nice utility vehicle that can tow, tear down, carry and build. Perfect for base-building.

What's NOT to like about the GI Joe Bomb Disposal Vehicle?

FIRST: Well there really is only one thing wrong with this wonderful utility vehicle - if you blow up that bomb where it is, you die, vehicle destroyed.

SECOND: The dozer shield does not elevate. If this vehicle were to encounter rough terrain it would either have to "dozer" through or be stuck. 

THIRD:  Though we love the arm for being able to move forward, back, up-and-down, it should clearly be capable of more movement than that. 

Still it's a wonderful utility vehicle to have in any GI Joe collection. 

This particular GI Joe Bomb Disposal vehicle was purchased from Ebay seller DYTARK for PhP 850 (Roughly US$ 18.88) plus shipping. Obivously no longer available on Amazon. Look for one on Ebay.

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