Monday, October 6, 2014

Transformers Prime: Optimus Prime Gatling Gun - Aristocratic Creature Huntsman

Presenting the Gatling Gun for Transformers Prime Optimus Prime AKA the Aristocratic Creature Huntsman.

We should note that he's also dragging Dr Wu's Starsaber / Skybreaker.

The Aristocratic Creature Huntsman is from Zenith Forge  the same people who made the Cretaceous Advancement upgrade for the FOC Grimlock (Which we recently gifted to our Nephew - hope he's still whole). The Gatling gun's ID number is ZF-002.

We should probably also take the time to point out that this is technically not a gatling gun as it is not crank activated. It's energy powered so it's technically a mini-gun, or more accurately a weapon's pod.

But calling it a Gatling gun sounds cooler.

We never liked the Transformers Prime Beast-Hunters Voyager Class Optimus Prime. We always thought it was a bit... "meh!" Nothing really special and we thought that he wasn't as... "beefy" as he appears in the cartoon. It didn't help that he had a pretty pathetic version of the Starsaber, had really tiny wing, and was armed not with the gatling gun that he had in the cartoon, but with two really weird looking missile launchers. So in a nutshell we really felt cheated. Optimus Prime's ultimate version was even weirder what with that ring on his back and that cleaver.

So when the opportunity came for us to upgrade the Beast Hunters Optimus Prime, not only did we grab it, we opted to get the gold chrome variant instead - coz that's how we roll.

The Aristocratic Creature Huntsman comes with what you see here: A Gatling Gun - gold tinted variant - and a new head for Optimus Prime to replace the existing one which does not have Prime's face-plate down. The new head gives him a more ready for combat look.

What's to like about the TF Prime: Optimus Prime Gatling Gun Aristocratic Creature Huntsman

FIRST:  It makes a really bland figure look incredible!

The Voyager class Beast Hunters Optimus Prime may still not be as "beefy"  as his cartoon counterpart, but now he looks less like a child's toy and more like a Dragonslayer.

Let's control your expectations though: a) No the Gatling gun does not turn; b) Despite what you may see on the packaging, there is no additional movement from the Aristocratic Creature Huntsman - either that or we're just unable to follow printed instructions - and; c) We wouldn't stress the plastic. 

Check out what the Gatling Gun can do for the Beast Hunters Optimus Prime:

SECOND:  Despite the fat that the Optimus Prime Gatling Gun cannot move, you have to appreciate the detailing that went into it. It looks complex and filled with moving parts. It looks like something you don't want to be back-handed with.

We should note that the Aristocratic Creature Huntsman has 8 barrels versus a standard mini-gun's 6:

THIRD: We really do appreciate the new head of Beast Hunters Optimus Prime - even though it was a pain to remove as the original head is attached to the body by a pin (Thankfully the Mekbuda Battle Armor came with a pin-remover). We won't say that we're completely happy with the new head. We think that it could still appear to have more depth rather than look like Optimus' faceplate was mashed into his head, but we like the faceplate. It's signature Optimus and should be there. We also like those beady eyes:

What's NOT to like about the TF Prime: Optimus Prime Gatling Gun Aristocratic Creature Huntsman

FIRST:  In the cartoons, Optimus just draws that gatling gun out of his back-pack. Granted it's a stretch of the imagination, creative license, but it would have been nice if the Aristocratic Creature Hunstman could do something similar.

As it is, you can put it back there but it looks like crap. Best to leave it attached to his forearm, then just clip the Starsaber back there instead.

SECOND: The same problem is horribly visible in Prime's truck mode where the Gatling Gun sticks out like taxi-cab advertisement mounts:

This particular Transformers Prime Optimus Prime Gatling Gun or Aristocratic Creature Huntsman (Gold Variant) is not available on Amazon. It was purchased from King del Mundo's Facebook Toy Store (Closed Group) for PhP 1,500 (Roughly US$ 33.33).

A definite must have for this Dragonslayer.


  1. There is an upcoming series called Robots in Disguise that is a sequel to TF Prime.What do you think about the new Optimus?


  2. By the way,Dragonslayer should have been painted properly by Hasbro not like this.

  3. Oh him. KInda "meh" about him. He looks like Utra Magnus hit him on the head with his hammer. We're more looking forward to the combiner Optimus Prime

  4. If Optimus had been painted like this :
    Would he still be bland?
    Oh,thanks for replying to my previous comment!

  5. You mean this?

    Looks better as motormaster.

  6. It's definitely a vast improvement! But I think the problem lies with the mold itself. In the original TF Prime series, Optimus was this tall, lanky guy. When Beasthunters came out he was reborn as this beefy linebacker - who, if I recally correctly - was bigger than Ultra Magnus. But this particular figure just doesn't cut it - especially with those small wings.

  7. Yap. There's a lot of hate for him already out there so I wanna see him and how he combines.

  8. Hasbro should make a beefier Optimus Prime.I also did not like the beast hunters optimus mold.After i saw him painted by many fans,I learned to love him,vehicle and bot mode.BTW,your review is a very good review with lots of information IMO.Also,what do you think of the painted truck mode for bh prime?

  9. Here you go:

    Notice that his combined robot mode is called Ultra Prime?

  10. Yeah,he was bigger than magnus.

  11. Oh,one more thing,the head from the Aristocratic Creature Huntsman is horrendous.If you have a spare PRID optimus lying around,you can perform a head swap.It is not a simple head swap though.

  12. Thanks! That's an interesting suggestion especially since they are on sale here in the Philippines now. Might be worth picking up one more and doing the surgery.

  13. You are welcome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. what do you think of the painted truck mode for bh prime?

  15. i mean what do you think of the painted truck mode for bh prime?

  16. AAAAAAAARRRRGGGGHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I aacidentally posted the other comment! NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!Anyway,I mean this link:

  17. To give you an idea of prime and magnus's size,

  18. The cyberverse is better than the voyager.


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