Saturday, September 27, 2014

Batman Evolution - The Piano Guys

Presenting Batman Evolution by the Piano Guys. We at the Dungeon are so in love with the talent behind this group and we are definitely buying their album just for this track. This particular rendition of their was made with a Piano combined with over 100 tracks of cello - you have to appreciate that kind of dedication to these guys put into their craft.

We had the distinct and very very fortunate pleasure to meet them last year when they visited the Philippines

Also the 1966 Batman theme is the best Batman theme.... EVER!!!

TF Generations Windblade

Presenting the battling beauty Transformers Generations Windblade.

Admittedly we once again did not understand the hype behind why people were dying for her - other than that it's a female Autobot which is always a plus.

Turns out she has quite a history - and we're not referring to the one created by IDW for her.

The Autobot Windblade is apparently the first officially "fan-created" Transformer.

Between April 18, 2013 and SDCC of 2013, fans voted for the creation of an Autobot; with a Jet alt-mode; whose signature weapon was a sword; with a red & black color scheme; a valiant personality; was named Windblade; was female; hails from the city of Kaon; and was a Telepath. SDCC concept sketches moved her from being a European Knight or a Roman Warrior to the Japanese stylings that she now bears. Designer Lenny Panzica made her hairstyle to match the one commonly used by the  upper-class warrior women (Onna Bugeisha) of Feudal Japan.

Lastly her name refers to a variety of things: Windblade is a real variety of industrial fans and she turns into a jet with turbofans; Hasbro thought it would be cool if her sword was powered by the spinning of the turbo blade in the hilt of the sword - Stormfall; she has a tessen or "iron fan" in her hair, and; because the fans said so. Do check out her wiki for more about this.

Friday, September 19, 2014

New 52 Starfire Action Figure

Presenting Starfire Action Figure from the DC New 52 Red Hood and the Outlaws Series.

There are many sacred thing that DC has learned not to mess with over the years: Power Girl's Boob Window; Wonder Woman's pants; Star Sapphire's barely there uniform and of course, the sexually carefree usually naked form of Starfire. In the first issue of the New 52's Red Hood and the Outlaws, she asks Arsenal quite frankly "Do you want to have sex with me?" When Arsenal initially rejects the offer because he thinks she is Jason Todd's girl she replies "Absurd.  I am free to do what I want when I want..." Naturally Arsenal is more than happy to oblige. he asks her "So, is there anything I need to know about making love to a Tamarranean?" and she replies "Just that love has nothing to do with it."

21st Century writing at it's best ladies and gentlemen.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Transformers Generations Skids

Presenting the Autobot Skids from the Transformers Generations toyline.

We chanced upon Skids at retail and frankly had no interest in buying him. He's Skids after all. In the greater scheme of things, he's nobody - no offense to Skids lovers out there - but he is Decepticon cannon fodder (Check out his yellow eyes below. He'll never be a Prime).

But everyone in the community seemed to want him so we had to find out why.

So we picked him up.

When we opened him, we were quite disappointed with the Transformers Generations Autobot Skids. Skids had beyond poor articulation, horrible feet, used gimmicks - though we had to admit the shoulder-mounted mini-missile launcher system is new.

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