Monday, August 25, 2014

TF4 AOE Scorn

Presenting the Transformers Age of Extinction TF4 AOE Deluxe Scorn.

TF4 AOE Scorn is a Bayformer Dinobot - meaning he's not based upon any G1 Dinobot and was made just for the movie.

We suppose Michael Bay found the idea of a Brontosaurus and a Stegosaurus too.... peaceful for the rampage he intended in Hongkong, and instead went for the dinosaur that killed the Tyrannosaurus Rex (Grimlock's Alt mode) in Jurassic Park 3 by snapping the T-Rex's neck: the Spinosaurus (We wonder if Bay is a fan of Jurassic Park).

A Spinosaurus supposedly rivals the size of a T-Rex so we're wondering if one day we'll see a Leader Class version of Scorn.

Transformers Age of Extinction Scorn's blister card reads simply "SCORN has the jaws of a dino and the personality of a tank. He's a rumbling, thundering war hammer on legs." And we have to agree. Of all the dinobots, this is the one we would most not want to meet on a battlefield.

Remember how we've described the other Dinobots as: The Scout (Strafe);  Barbarian King (Grimlock); and Berserker (Slug)?

Well here's the can-opener.

Scorn looks like the kind of guy who will just stomp on to a battlefield and break enemy formations with a single sweep of that huge left spiked up arm of his. Scorn is the tank, the shock-trooper, the Juggernaut (From 13 Ghosts, not from Marvel).

What's to like about the TF4 Age of Extinction Dinobot Scorn?

FIRST: He has, we daresay, the best Dinobot design from the TF4 AOE line in terms of looks.

If we found another Scorn we would probably paint it gun-metal and aluminum to match the colors of Scorn in the movie.

We love Scorn's vestigial wings made from spikes - keeps people from coming up behind him.

We love how Scorn looks like he has the faces of monsters all over his body - you can see faces form on his back, his left shoulder, his right hand (Which we'll touch on later).

We also love those teeth on his hips which make you think he's hiding even more monsters inside him. TF4 AOE Scorn reminds us of an evil set of armor possessed by demons.

Note how his helmet is probably the only thing on Scorn that isn't "spikey".  This lends to the idea that, yes the armor is evil, but there is one last vestige of control left.

Have you noticed the wonderful detailing that went into TF4 AOE Scorn's ribcage?

SECOND thing we love about TF4 AOE Scorn is his left arm. We love his left arm! It's identified in the blister pack as a spear, but it's probably used in the same way that Thorin Oakenshield uses his left arm: both as a defensive and offensive weapon. Can you imagine him swinging clear Decepticons as they come to him, knocking them down and then stabbing him with that wicked sword?

We'd also not want to be impaled by that.

You can also store that sword in his arm. It fits perfectly and actually adds to the functional look of the arm.

THIRD thing we love about TF4 AOE Scorn is the incredibly high articulation. Scorn cannot twist his waist per-se. His waist twist is part of his transformation, so he can twist to the right, but not to the left.

Yes, AOE Scorn can kneel - not that he ever would.

What's NOT to like about the TF4 Age of Extinction Scorn?

FIRST:  Scorn's dinosaur mode is crap. While his robot form has high articulation thanks to the multiple joints in his legs, Scorn loses most of these when he transforms, so either you have a dinosaur that was kicked in the balls so he keeps his legs closed, or you have this awkward looking beast - note his feet. Yes. Scorn does not have any ankle articulation.

Also while he may have the sail of a Spinosaurus, he's missing most of the components that make a Spinosaurus a Spinosaurus, specificiall more muscular, developed forearms, a larger head and a longer neck.

We love the sinewy articulation of Scorn's neck, but he's technically not functional as a dinosaur. Scorn's Construct-Bot looks closer to a Spinosaurus in terms of it's arms, but that's about it.

Here's the Spinosaurus versus the T-Rex from Jurassic Park. We wonder what Grimlock would think:

Do also remember to google on youtube: Spinosaurus vs Carcharodontosaurus from a BBC documentary which gives you a better idea on what those forearms can do.

SECOND:  There's a huge gaping hole in his right forearm. Closing it is the best solution and it provides a very scary head on Scorn's right arm that can be used for snapping at Decepticons.

And the LAST thing that's wrong with TF4 AOE Scorn, is that he kinda has stubby legs:

This particular Scorn was purchased from Robinson's Galleria's Department store in Manila here in the Philippines at the retail price of PhP 899.75 (Roughly US$ 20.44). The bad news is, he's available on Amazon for US$ 14.99 (Roughly 659.56 plus shipping). Ripped off by the local Department store, but Scorn is worth it.


Well it all began with this guy, the Playskool Heroes Transformers Rescue Bots Optimus Prime Figure which a dear family member purchased for us from trip to Japan.

Basically it's Optimus Prime with a T-Rex head for a right hand and a spikey tail for his left hand, not very utilitarian, but it's a nice marriage between Optimus Prime and Grimlock.

It's really a todller's toy. Transforms simply by twisting it so that the dinosaur head aligns with it's feet and it's a dinosaur!

It's cute.

We liked it. And with Scorn.... we have it.

It just so happened that our family member also brought us a spanking new Takara FOC Optimus Prime, so we had one that we could tear apart. Prime's head is smaller so to do this you actually have to carve out some of the inside of his head - or carve up some of the mounting peg.

After a while we decided to swap out his legs as well:

As with the normal AOE Scorn, this modification's dinosaur mode is crap:

But we think Optimus Prime looks really hot!


  1. wow,that is creative:

  2. Just picked up scorn and he is awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!But his legs are loose :(
    That is a creative fusion between Op and scorn

  3. Really? Hmmmm. Well so much for quality control. Nothing a little floor or nail polish can't fix. The fusion concept actually wasn't our idea. We found it on a Facebook forum. The guy who made it even went so far as to transfer donor claws to Prime's feet so he really matches the Rescuebot.

  4. Where!? I've been looking for scorn all over the metro. Only scorn left in every toystore i've been is that scorn power attacker with an ugly whip on his chestplate.... thank you in advance!

  5. Oh that ugly piece of crap. Sadly I have no idea. I've only seen him on racks twice. Once when I picked him up and again in Japan.

  6. And I really need another one because this is now technically a custom Prime

  7. Well,from Amazon.

    And is tail whip scorn that bad?

  8. Yeah! Ugly! Oh well, i'll keep on hunting that spinosaurus...

  9. Tail whip scorn is ugly. Haha. Thanks bro!

  10. You are welcome!!!!!!!!!!!If you are interested,get dinobot snarl (which Darklorddungeon has reviewed) too.From what I have seen,he is awesome!

    the takara version

    the hasbro version.

    his awesome review.

  11. US$ 24.99. It's appreciating :)
    Our problem with the Power Attacker Scorn is that his "power Attack" is a huge hentai like spiked penis. :)

  12. Randy Elba,what do you think of the beast hunters commander class optimus?

  13. Oh,btw does your Scorn's paint peel?Mine does on the tail and the teeth on the hips.

  14. So far no. Yours might have been exposed to heat. That's the first I've heard of peeling - those are the rubber parts right?

  15. Rubber and plastic.Note that I said the teeth on the hips and those are plastic.The tail is rubber sadly:(

  16. Sorry,but Scorn does not look like a Spinosaurus.This is what it looks like.Yeah,like a killer dachshund :)

  17. Scorn's dino mode is inaccurate in a nutshell.A spino looks like the one i just posted.

  18. Hey that's new. I prefer the Jurassic Park version :)

  19. Same here.Jurassic Park spinosaurus is AWESOME!!!

    2015 Jurassic World has Diabolus Rex, a genetically modified hybrid dinosaur combined with genes from a Tyrannosaurus, Velociraptor, Snake, and Cuttlefish.


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