Sunday, August 31, 2014

SirToys STAR WARS Ultra Build Darth Vader KO

Presenting a knock-off version of SirToys' STAR WARS Ultra Build Darth Vader.

It's amazing what you can find when you get off the couch and walk through the toy black-markets. We found the Ultra Build Darth Vader while walking through St. Francis Square in Ortigas. He was just sitting there and we thought "That's cool"

A few days after shooting it, we chanced upon a review of the orginal SirToys Star Wars Ultra Build Darth Vader on YouTube via BensCollectibles. Ben referred to his Ultra Build Darth Vader as being a part of a cancelled line of Star Wars figures that included Boba Fett, C3-P0 and the Imperial Storm Trooper. JC Gold on the comments section of Ben's Youtube page said "This was a fan project on Lego Cuusoo ( now Lego Ideas) and Lego rejected the idea because they did not have the right to make Star Wars action figures. " So not only is this a knock-off, it's also illegal :)

Here's the thing, based upon Ben's review, this Knock-Off is actually better than the original SirToys Ultra Build.

The packaging unfortunately says nothing about the product. It's actually almost completely identical to the one SirToys uses but this one replaces the SirToys logo with a logo that says KSZ (Made in Kazakhstan?)
On the back of the blister pack are the aforementioned other available Ultra Build Figures and a parts list for Darth Vader.

What's to like about the STAR WARS Ultra Build KO Darth Vader?

FIRST: The detailing.

BensCollectibles cited the silver lines on Darth Vader as being "dodgy". If you watch his review, you'll see that the lines are not straight - almost as if someone spray-painted the lines on but did not bother ensuring that the tape masking the black portions was of good quality and properly holding in place.

Our KO Ultra Build Darth Vader has no such problem. So it's actually better than the original

Are those eyes hypnotic or what? There's an almost steam-punk feel to him and when he sits in the dark, sometimes his eyes will glow when the catch the light just right.

SECOND: Articulation. Ever since we reviewed the KO Lego Marvel Avengers Captain America (Captain America DIY), we knew that these Ultra Build figures had incredibly high articulation thanks to all those ball joints (He can even be made to pose unnaturally).

The KO SirToys Utra Build Darth Vader is so well built literally NONE of his joints popped out of their sockets during his shoot. He was a darling. He's hands down more articulated than the Vintage Edition Darth Vader.

Yes the Ultra Build Darth Vader can kneel, and you can remove the lightsaber blade to turn it "off"

THIRD: That cape! It's a hard cloth. Almost like the material used to line bags. It's stiff and after a while needs to be ironed, but it looks great!

It simply flows with him.

What's NOT to like about the STAR WARS Ultra Build KO Darth Vader?

Did you notice how his eyes lit up when you read that? :)

FIRST: The KO SirToys Ultra Build Darth Vader cannot dual wield his lightsaber. You can make it appear like he does, but he really cannot. You'd need more pipe - including internal piping - for that to happen. Also, it's a bummer that you cannot make his lightsaber hang from his hip.

SECOND: This is probably the more important problem: He's a KO. A Knock-Off. God only knows what kinds of toxins he may or may not be giving off as a result of being manufactured in a sweat-shop somewhere in CHina.

Still he's a must have. Just wash your hands thoroughly. Personally we want to army build now the Imperial Stormtroopers. Stay tuned for that.

This particlar KO (KSZ) SirToys Star Wars Ultra Build Darth Vader was purchased from the Toy Black Market in St. Francis square for PhP 150 (Roughly US$ 3.40). He is not available on Amazon.

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