Friday, August 1, 2014

Marvel Legends Satana

Presenting Satana from the Marvel Legends 2013 SDCC Thunderbolts Boxed set.

The 2013 SDCC Thunderbolts set comes with Satana, the Modern Day Luke Cage, Moonstone, the Ghost and Crossbones carrying a really big gattling gun.

We've always wanted this particular figure set but since we stopped collecting Marvel Legends in the Dungeon in general thanks to the sad destruction of our core collection of Marvel Legends, US$190 seemed a bit to pricey to get the 2013 SDCC boxed set when all we wanted was Satana.

But as you can see fate has brought us together. We found Satana a few nights ago in JAE's Collectibles in Megamall. When we saw her we had to have her, and here she is.

To the uninitiated, Satana is the sister of Daimon Hellstorm and yes, the daughter of Satan (Marduk Kurios AKA the biblical Lucifer in the Marvel Universe).

She's a succubus meaning she uses her sexual wiles to attract men so that she can suck out their psychic essences (Get this, the essences of her victims turn into butterflies which she eats - I wonder if she has any relationship to Psylocke). This is something Satana needs to do periodically to survive (She's actually been dead and resurrected at least twice.). Satana also possess super-strength; flight; the ability to posses or hypnotize people; controls eldritch Hellfire; the power to release a Basilisk, and; is a master of Black Magic.

She was recruited into Luke Cage's Thunderbolts when they realized that the villain prison the "Raft" was vulnerable to magic. With the disbandment of the Thunderbolts her current whereabouts are unknown.

What's to like about the Marvel Legends Satana?

Before we discuss what's so nice about Satana, we should note the obvious: Yes her cape can be removed.

So what's to like about her? The FIRST thing we like about the 2013 SDCC Marvel Legends Satana is that she gives Powergirl a run for their money in terms of having really big Pointer Sisters, Stuffing Casabas, Rib Cushions, Silos, Twofers, and, more importantly, not being shy about showing them off (But then I suppose since she needs to feed on the essences of men that it's to her advantage to do so) with the same level of "openness" as Star Sapphire , Allice Liddle and of course the White Queen Emma Frost.

SECOND thing we love about the Marvel Legends Satana is just how beautifully her face is sculpted! It's one of the best facial sculpts we've seen since Wonder Woman from the Wonder Woman Series 1 set. We are particularly fond about how her eyes, depending upon how they catch the light, seem to go from brown to flaming gold.

The THIRD thing we love about the 2013 SDCC Satana is her articulation.

Satana's wrists can cant up and down as well as swivel and her hands are in a casting position allowing for some pretty neat poses with her hands:

What's NOT to like about the Marvel Legends Satana?

The ONE and only problem that we seem to have with Satana is when you combine her cape and her head - she can barely turn her head, and when you do try, her head keeps popping off. Even with the cape off, the stiffness of her hair reduces her ability to turn her head.

This particular Satana was purchased, as mentioned, from JAE's collectibles in Megamall for PHP 1,500 (Roughly US$ 34). Satana is not available as a single on Amazon.

But she is a must have.


  1. Yeah we noticed that with Captain America the Winter Soldier and we thought it was just him being stoic which fit the character. But then we saw it again with the Black Widow and again with Gamora from the Guardians of the Galaxy. Not sure what's up with that or why they want them looking stoned.

  2. That... is a really good looking SDCC marvel legend. A total Bust, in the best way.

  3. the most annoying of pop up ads in the right corner. keeps popping up even when closed.

    have been on several other toy sites and havent encountered this shit. wont be coming back.


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