Sunday, July 27, 2014

Marvel Universe Thanos

Presenting Thanos from the Marvel Universe Toyline.

We acquired Thanos roughly the same time we got the 3D Game of Thrones Puzzle of Westeros - hence the Iron Throne (Duh!) - and we couldn't help but wonder "Would Thanos covet the Iron Throne of Westeros?"

Eventually we decided on "No." Yes, Thanos would be amused that such a trivial icon could drive men to homicide, patricide, genocide and practically any kind of homicidium. Yes, Thanos is no stranger to matricide - having skinned his own mother alive to satisfy "A curiosity."

But we believe that Thanos is not given to a need to rule. He's driven by love. Love of Death - a lover who has more than once - spurned his advances.

But we do believe he'd sit in it.... and like it.

We've always preferred Thanos over his DC Counterpart Darkseid for one reason and one reason alone: Thanos has a nicer smile - which can clearly be seen on the blister card. The Marvel Universe Thanos' blister card reads "For ages, Thanos has travelled the stars seeking ways to finally achieve his dream of a cosmos at peace with not a single living thing to mar it. From time-to-time, he has very nearly achieved this goal and been stopped only by the cooperation of the most powerful beings in the Universe."

We've always found it ironic that the only way Thanos can truly achieve this goal would be to take his own life - which would send him to heaven or hell (Which exists in the Marvel Universe) where everyone he killed is (Back to square one).

What's to like about the Marvel Universe Thanos?

First off is that Thanos is a hefty solid figure which we do not think is a resculpt of previous Marvel Universe figures - though we could be wrong (but we doubt it). He's the kind of figure that you can throw and hurt someone with - not that you should, but you can.

Second is the golden paint-job. The Marvel Universe Thanos comes with a wonderful and very even golden sheen that's actually quite difficult to do given the color. Marvel was able to deliver this spectacularly. In fact Thanos' tabard looks like cloth more than plastic.

Third is his articulation which is quite average for a regular Marvel Universe figure, but larger figures from the Marvel Universe toyline do tend to have less articulation thanks to their bulk.

Yes, the Marvel Universe Thanos can kneel - not that he would kneel to anyone other than his lover Death.

Lastly: The Marvel Universe Thanos has the Infinity Gauntlet which pretty much says that he can do whatever the hell he wants to.

Like this:

What's NOT to like about the Marvel Universe Thanos?

There is are two things we do not like about the Marvel Universe Thanos.

The first off is his face. We feel a lot of eyebrows rising at that thought, but hear us out: Look back at the photos above and you'll note that Thanos at certain times looks cross-eyed. That's because his irises are white and elevated (Hats off to the sculpting) over his dark skin colored sclera. In effect, at times it looks like he's cross (or wall) eyed.

Also we really would love to have a substitute head where Thanos is smiling because we really love Thanos' smile.

Our Second problem with the Marvel Universe Thanos is that... well for a supposedly rare figure he's quite cheap on Amazon where he's for sale for US$ 13.17 (Roughly PhP 579.48 plus shipping). We purchased him at retail from Toy Kingdom in Megamall here in the Philippines for PhP 599.75 (Roughly US$ 13.63). We expected that he would be worth more.

But who knows with the new Avengers movie around the corner, maybe his value will go up.

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