Tuesday, May 6, 2014

STAR WARS Lego Rebel Snowspeeder KO

Presenting a Star Wars Empire Strikes Back KO Lego Rebel Snowspeeder.

Ever since LEGO's patent ended these have been proliferating the market. We have 8 Lego mini X-Wing Fighters and only one of them is original. The remaining seven come from two different Knock-Off sources and unless you were to look for the "LEGO" logo on the pieces, we swear that you cannot tell the difference. They're really well made.

This particular KO Snowspeeder is based upon a LEGO Snowspeeder which comes with a Rebel Pilot and the Planet Hoth that retails for around US$ 10. You can see the original in Brickwars and we cannot tell the difference between the KO and the original.

Everything down to the paint.

We just hope that we're not being poisoned by lead.

A close-up on the top of the LEGO connectors this particular Rebel Snowspeeder will reveal the logo that says "KATZ" though the word "KATZ" does not appear on the packaging.

Maybe it's short for whatever those characters (Chinese?) form. We don't know, we can't read it. All the box says is that it comes with 72 pieces (The original LEGO Snowspeeder mentions 69, but then there are quite a few spare parts included, and the mounting is different). What's interesting is that if you purchase all 6 of these "Mini" KO LEGO "KATZ" sets is that you can combine all siz to form this really, really weird looking speeder that looks like it belongs in Jabba's palace.


Quite simply, it's really, really well made. It looks incredible! We took the liberty of adding the "orange engine glow" pieces from spare parts to the twin boosters of the LEGO mini Rebel Snowspeeder (Remember, a Rebel Snowspeeder is nothing more than an armed Repulsorlift strapped with rockets), and we took the liberty of NOT following the instructions when it came to the cockpit and followed the image on the box instead - otherwise, both of the transparent "cockpit" pieces would be facing forward and would be up front behind one another (And we all know that STAR WARS Rebel Snowspeeders have two pilots, one facing forward, and one facing aft).

Now the set comes with a mount allowing you to display the STAR WARS LEGO Mini Rebel Snowspeeder in flight. Interestingly enough, we think that it's roughly to scale with the Vintage Edition AT-AT making it a nice addition for dioramas.


It's a very simple item so there really isn't much NOT to like. It's a great design, pieces fit and lock well, no flash, and has the correct paint-job.

We actually want more so we can make a diorama with our AT-AT.

Except the Rebel Pilot looks like crap thanks to that helmet which looks like it's missing something - looks more like a construction helmet than anything else and it looks like he's armed with a pipe not a gun.

Though again, look at the great design on the front of that little guy.

This particular STAR WARS LEGO Mini Rebel Snowspeeder Knock-off was purchased in the black-market of St Francis Square in Ortigas Complex here in Manila for PhP 120 (Roughly US$ 2.66). As mentioned, Brickwars places a brand new one (original) at US$ 10 (Roughly PhP 450 - though here in the Philippines, these mini Legos go for as high as 1,200 (Roughly US$ 26.66).

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