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STAR WARS Black Series StormTrooper

Presenting a Star Wars Black Series 6" StormTrooper!

The Black Series Stormtrooper is actually one of the more coveted pieces to be created in the series because of its troop-building potential and we at the Dungeon were extremely lucky to find this on retail.

We have never seen it on retail again, and those that do have it do not seem keen to part with it.

We've always felt sorry for the way StormTroopers were depicted in the movies i.e. the inability to hit anything; being taken apart by little teddy bears. These are the Emperor's elite troopers! Inferior to their Clone counterparts for sure (Commander Cody hated them), but still no pushoevers. So we're glad that books like Allegiance and Choices of One by Timothy Zahn gave us a better look at what just a handful of StormTroopers can do. This "Hand of Judgement" would go on to form Grand Admiral Thrawn's new 501st Legion.

We hope that the new movies will redeem the StormTrooper name - assuming the Imperial Remnant from the Expanded Universe survives.

The blister card of the 6" Stormtrooper simply reads "StormTroopers board the Rebel Blocakde Runner Tantive IV and send word to Darth Vader that they have captured Princess Leia."

Jes Gistang
This identifies the Stormies as being from STAR WARS: A New Hope - though there really isn't any (?) variation in the StormTrooper design at all between IV, V and VI, unlike the Clone Troopers in II & III (No, they did not appear in STAR WARS Episode I).

Contrary to popular belief, there were actually female StormTroopers (they are not just figments of our... nicer... fantasies). While quite rare, they did exist, hence you have Storm Troopers like the tragic Jes Gistang.  Rarer still were alien StormTroopers - but those existed as well.

The 6" tall Black Series Star Wars Stormtrooper comes with everything you see here (StormTrooper wiki):
  • The Imperial Department of Military Research produced Plastoid Body Armor over a sealed black-body-glove that:
    • Could partially deflect or disperse energy from low, medium, and high-energy blaster bolts - though the wearer may be incapacitated - future versions of the armor provided even more protection;
    • Deflected stun beams; 
    • Serve as excellent protection against explosions and shrapnel, 
    • Was fully sealed against chemical and biological attack; 
    • Limited vacuum protection
    • Limited thermal protection.
    • Some armor came with personal shields
    • Power gloves
    • Manual Suit Seal and environmental controls.
    • The thigh armor had a reinforced alloy plate ridge
    • The lower right side, near the knee contained the suits system power cells.
    • The left upper side of the shin armor had a knee protector plate for comfort from a kneeling firing position.
    • IFF circuitry was in the back of the suit for identification and command purposes for identifying each other.
    • A Proper Resonator to open secure doors

  • The Imperial Department of Military Research produced Stormtrooper helmet which had:
    • Automatic polarizing and anti-flash blinding lenses that protected the trooper against intense glare and provided them with enhanced combat vision or "Holographic Vision Processors" (which allowed vision through many barriers such as smoke, darkness and fire;
    • Multi-Frequency Targeting and Acquisition System (MFTAS) that helps with the Stormtroopers' perception in darkness as well as smoke and other visibility obscuring conditions;
    • Built-in comlink;
    • Advanced Breathing Filters - The suit had 20 minutes of oxygen
    • Cooling and atmosphere control systems.
  • A DLT-19 Heavy Blaster Rifle - also favored by the bounty Hunter 4-LOM and based upon the German MG32.
  • The Standard BlasTech E-11 Blaster Rifle - stock folded - it would have been a nice touch if they included one with the stock extended.
  • A rear-holster. 
  • There's a Baradium-core Code Key Thermal Detonator somewhere there as well.

What's to like about the STAR WARS Black Series Storm Trooper?

He looks daaaaammm good! If you thought that the regular detailing given to 3.5" Stormtroopers was enticing, check out how nice this bad boy is.

Of particular note is the very nice detailing given to the iconic StormTrooper helmet. We swear, next to Vader, nothing says "Empire" quite like a StormTrooper (Followed probably by an Imperial Star Destroyer).

Check out the blue lines and silver detailing that went into the Helmet. We sincerely hope these were not hand-painted. What precision if they were!

As you can see the weapons are also incredibly intricate in terms of detailing, and check out the leather wear on the holster on the back of his left hip - very organic - and although it looks like you can unfold the BlasTech's stock, you cannot:

Articulation is excellent and the addition of the longer barreled DLT-19 was an excellent idea. While the Black Series StormTrooper cannot look straight down the scopes of either the DLT-19 or the BlasTech E-11, he might not really have to given the MFTAS in his helmet - in the same way that Zam Wessel does not have to look down her KiSteer 1284 long-rifle.

The 6" Black Series StormTrooper can kneel - though there is some difficulty thanks to his thigh armor that will collide with his hip.

Give the Star Wars Black Series 6" StormTrooper his BlasTech E-11 and you can put that 25th anniversary GI Joe wrist articulation to work:

What's NOT to like about the STAR WARS Black Series Storm Trooper?

Not much! He's one of those really, really cool figures that we hope Hasbro makes more of.

Off the top of our heads, we really would have liked if his Blastech's stock extended; if his hip armor didn't make kneeling such a pain, and if perhaps he came with a removable helmet like some of his 3.5" versions do.

Future "niceties" would include a 501st Guidon, or maybe even a female or alien version of the Stormtrooper.

Also, the fact that he was undermanufactured or hoarded is not cool.

This particular Star Wars Black Series 6" StormTrooper was purchased from ToyKingdom Megamall here in Manila, Philippines for PhP 1,499.75 (Roughly US$ 33.33). He is available for roughly the same price on Amazon: US$ 32.30 plus shipping.

He's a must have that looks great on display:

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