Friday, May 30, 2014

New 52 Catwoman Action Figure

Presenting the Catwoman action-figure from the DC New 52 Super Heroes vs Super Villains 7-pack.

SPOILER: Things should get interesting now that Forever Evil is finally over and - having had her love for Batman rejected (again) - Catwoman has decided to stop walking with the Angels, left the Justice League of America and has recommitted herself to a life of crime (But not after hacking her criminal record and totally distorting all digital records of her existence).

Also because apparently Bats and WonderWoman have this "connection" that neither Bruce nor the Martian Manhunter wanted to expound on.

We really don't mind the change. Catwoman is supposed to be a solo-act anyway. An anti-hero lurking alone in the dark.

This particular piece was purchased loose sans the male components of the DC New 52 Super Heroes versus Super Villains 7-pack. The pack contained six men -  three heroes: Batman, The Flash, Aquaman; and three villains: The Joker, Captain Cold and Black Manta - with the Black Cat as the one character who straddled both sides (Technically though, so does Captain Cold and Black Manta every now and then).

The 7-pack proudly displayed a metallic redeco of both Batman and the Flash; Aquaman with a new head-sculpt and Scepter; a redeco of both the Joker and Captain Cold and; the brand-new Catwoman Action Figure.

What's to like about the DC New 52 Catwoman Action Figure?

There are four really great things about DC's New 52 Catwoman.

First off: It's a really great sculpt. the New 52 Catwoman Action Figure has one of the most beautiful faces we've seen in an action figure in some time.

The saying "You catch more flies with sugar than with vinegar" seems to be the adage here. Catwoman looks so cheerful and "girl-next-door" that you just want to go out there and meet that bright-eyed, bushy tailed bull-whip wielder.

The New 52 Catwoman Action Figure is soooo pretty, she's almost a Barbie doll. Further, because of how pretty she is, there's a very very small chance that you'd miss the Second really great thing about her: Her "Big Bad Wolves" that are practically popping out of her jumpsuit:

Are the "bouncing buddhas" out of your system yet?

Granted it's not as revealing as Catwoman in the DC Showcase cartoon - check out her pole-dancing scene here:

The Third thing we like about the New 52 Catwoman Action figure is her hand sculpts. We love how Catwoman's pinky sticks out on her right hand allowing you to curl another loop of her bullwhip there, and of course we love the standard claw left hand. Her hands can actually mesh together nicely.

We have mixed feelings about the DC New 52 Super Heroes versus Super Villain 7-pack Catwoman's bullwhip. It's great to have something that can curl nicely around her body or hang loosely in her right arm, but it would also be great if we had one fully extended - or if the bullwhip could be extended on it's own.

The Fourth and last thing we love about this Catwoman Action Figure is the ability to lower her goggles - something we all really loved from her Batman Hush incarnation.

With eyes as nice as hers though, we prefer Catwoman goggles up:

What's NOT to like about the DC New 52 Catwoman Action Figure?

It's from DC so you probably already know what's wrong with her - incredibly low articulation and poseability.

We don't get it. DC can give us sooo much more. We think Marvel has been able to prove that it's possible to come out with a well sculpted, beautiful face scantly clad nymphet without sacrificing articulation. The proof of which can be seen here with the Marvel Legends White Queen, and again with the Black Cat of the Marvel Skyline Series.

We're not really sure by the way if she has a stand since we picked her up loose.

This particular New 52 Catwoman Action Figure from the DC New 52 Super Heroes vs Super villains 7 Pack was purchased from Jae's Toystore in Megamall her in Manila, Philippines for Php 1,000 (Roughly US$ 22.22). The 7 pack is available on Amazon for US$ 68.99 (Roughly PhP 3,104 plus shipping).


  1. A shame she's only available in the massive collection - as an individual figure, she's pretty great looking and I'd be hard pressed not to buy her. But I won't be buying the whole set!

  2. I agree. It was sheer luck that we found her loose.


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