Thursday, May 1, 2014

Beast Hunters Optimus Prime Voyager Class

Presenting the Voyager Class Optimus Prime from the Transformers Beast Hunters Toy line.

Let's begin with the obvious, yes he looks nothing like he should look like, or how he looks like in Transformers Beast Hunters - the cartoon series.

Till his death, Optimus Prime bore more of a resemblance to the Series 01 Voyager Class Optimus Prime released in 2013 which we have in the Dungeon, but never reviewed. For reference, we did review the Voyager Class Ultra Magnus.

We also did review the Beast Hunters Commander Class version of Optimus Prime. That did not look anything like the Beast Hunters Optimus Prime either.

But here's the thing, this "Voyager" (too big to be a Voyager class) Optimus Prime, is nothing more than a blown up version of the Transformers Beast Hunters Commander Class version of Optimus Prime. He still comes with the Thunderlance of his Commander Class version, but instead of giving him a  Star Saber, they gave him a "Nexus Sword and Vector shield"

One Big Happy Family
We'd like to note that the Thunderlance, Nexus Sword and Vector Shield are non-canon weapons despite the Transformers Beast Hunters Optimus Prime Voyager Class' blister card reading "Armed with the Ancient Weapons of the Primes, Optimus prime unleashes a savage new Beast-Tracker Vehicle mode to defeat the mighty Predaking." \

We suppose that Optimus Prime "evolving" into another form in the cartoons would have been too much for the younger audience.

And we suppose, we adults don't mind purchasing Optimus Primes as long as they complete our collection. As you can see to your right, he's huge in comaprison with the Series 1 Voyager Class Beast Hunters Optimus Prime.

The Transformers Beast Hunters Optimus Prime Voyager Class' blister card lists Optimus Prime's Technical stats as:
  • Strength - 10
  • Intelligence - 8
  • Speed - 7
  • Endurance - 10
  • Rank - 10
  • Courage - 10
  • Fireblast - 9 - well maybe if Hasbro gave him his gattling-gun it would be higher.
  • Skill - 8
It's a perfect match with his Commander Class version. And why shouldn't it be? He's a blown up version of it. The difference between the two are quite cosmetic.

Here are the two in robot mode:

And in Prime's menacing truck-mode;

What's to like about the Beast Hunters Optimus Prime Voyager Class?

Well he looks really cool when you give him a Star Saber and that more "beast" like shield that his Ultimate Version is toting - though we have to warn you, that shield got stuck in his hand and there is some difficulty grasping the Star Saber which may result in paint-chipping.

We at the Dungeon have a particular peeve about how Optimus Prime's shields always seem.... small. More bucklers than full fledged Shields (check out the DA-28 Striker Prime's puny one, the UFO shield, and the other shield that we love, the Cold Weapons Shield). So we really do love how the Dragon Shield looks with him. (We also should take this time to ask - anybody else see Megatron's head in that shield?)

As with his Commander Class version, articulation is excellent and as you can see from the image above we love how the Beast Hunters Optimus Prime can raise or lower his shoulders. Yes, he can kneel and actually does look great with his own Nexus Shield and Sword:

The Thunderlance can be attached to the Beast Hunter Optimus Prime Voyager Class' forearm as can be seen above or held like a pistol:

His truck mode is solid. Nothing special. A blown up version of Beast Hunters Optimus Prime Voyager Class' Commander Class version.

What's NOT to like about the Beast Hunters Optimus Prime Voyager Class?

WHAT'S WITH ALL THIS NEON GREEN!!!! It's one of the least bit intimidating colors next to hot pink. It would be great if he glows in the dark, but he does not.

Even Prime's is not green. It's blue when "lit" but Silver most of the time. Perhaps we should try chroming the green parts.

Optimus Prime's Face is also poorly painted. You can see where the silver paint leaves his face and covers the sides of his helmet. You also can't make out the detailing. Maybe giving him a faceplate would have been better:

We're also quite not sure what to think about him being nothing more than a scaled up version of the Beast Hunters Optimus Prime Commander Class. A part of us feels... cheated. it's so simple to transform and because he's a blown up Commander Class, turn him around and his chest is hollow. Something this big should be solid. He's not. There's so much more in terms of transformation that Hasbro with this particular "Voyager" class could have done. As a Voyager Class Transformer he's kinda "meh."

This particular Beast Hunters Optimus Prime Voyager Class was found in the Deparment Store of Rustan's in Makati, Philippines at a retail price of PhP 1, 499.75 (Roughly US$ 33.32). It is available on Amazon for US$ 21.22 (Roughly PhP 949.90 plus shipping). Quite rare here in the Philippines. We're not sure if it's worth it. 


  1. THE FREAKING GEEKMay 3, 2014 at 8:56 PM

    How about you repaint him into this:

  2. Hey we actually do intend to repaint him! You forgot the link :)



  5. An upscaled version of optimus????????????? seriously???????Clearly not worth the asking price.With so much lesser,you can get a better figure.

  6. Does he have the visible head syndrome like his predecessor does?


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