Monday, March 31, 2014

Captain America Strikefire Transport

Presenting the Captain America Strikefire Transport!

WARNING: There will be movie spoilers in this review.

Now Captain America's Strikefire Transport did not make an appearance in the Captain America: The First Avenger movie. There was a similar top-turreted four-wheeled vehicle used in the movie, but it was used by Hydra.

So the Strikefire is purely a promotional vehicle made for Captain America in the same way that the Goliath Assault Tank and Stark Tech Assault armor are. Except where the aforementioned are more... modern vehicles, the Strikefire is a nod to Captain America's WWII origins given that it's design is based upon an M8 Armored-Car.

The Captain America Strikefire Transport's blister pack touts it as "The Ultimate Assault Vehicle" with four launching missiles, two positionable launchers, a rotating turret, opening ramps, a clam-shell, a Captain America figure and a Motorcycle included. The blister pack goes on to say that "Captain America is usually fine on his own, but when he's got to smash through an enemy line in a hurry, he uses the Strikefire Transport. Equipped with overwhelming firepower, bulletproof armor and a powerful motorcycle for quick getaways, this is an unstoppable assault vehicle."

In many ways, a direct parallel can be made between the GI Joe RHINO and the Captain America Strikefire Transport. Both are Personnel carriers, both pack significant, re-position-able firepower, both have opening sides (Though the RHINO has troop deployment capabilities) and both have a secondary vehicle.

True we all saw Captain America brazenly charge a SHIELD Quinjet on a Harley and then proceed to rip the Quinjet apart in Captain America: The Winter Soldier with his bare hands.

I'd like to see Snake-Eyes try that.

What's to like about the Captain America Strikefire Transport?

Well if you're looking for a good rolling piece of propaganda for a parade, then this gaudy tribute to the Stars and Stripes of the American Flag is what you are looking for.

You can almost imagine Captain America waving from the top turret while the Strikefire Transport is led down any major city's main street to the tune of "Star Spangled Man!" in an attempt to get people to buy more war-bonds. Hell even the vehicle markings on the side of the Strikefire Transport spell out Captain America. Unfortunately we are not familiar enough with Captain America lore to know the significance of the Strikefire Transport's vehicle number: 005-13.

As you can see Captain America's Strikefire Transport comes with a heavy-caliber twin-barrel mounted machine gun on a rotating turret, another chain-gun type mounted weapon on the back, and a mounted bazzoka. All four barrels are spring-loaded and fire missiles. The two weapons on the back can actually be pulled out and mounted on the sides of the Strikefire, but why bother? Pull them out and leave them off is what we say.

We're actually quite fond of this little bit of detailing found in the turret of the Strikefire. They didn't have to put it in when you think about it, but there's an access hatch a the bottom of the turret. It doesn't really open, but it's a nice modern touch and you can imagine soldiers using it to ingress or egress covertly.

The Captain America Strikefire Transport comes with a WWII movie version Captain America, but it does not come with a shield and is quite poorly articulated. We got rid of him and replace him with other Captain Americas

Sadly there is not enough room in the opening side-panels to store him there:

The Captaine America Strikefire Transport is not as wide as the GI Joe RHINO so I suppose we really cannot expect the side panels to have troop carrying abilities. 

Captain America can ride the Strikefire up-front via a clam-shell opening cockpit which must have a great soundsystem - check out that Equalizer behind him! Sadly it only fits one. His shield can be placed in there with him. Captain America's face is generally exposed while he's driving it - no different than the original M8's which inspired the creation of this transport.

Captain America can also be placed in the turret of the Strikefire Transport and can either grasp the "handles" of the twin-barreled machinegun or use the shoulder-braces like they should be used:

But we think the gem of the Captain America Strikefire Transport is the Harley sitting in the back. A slit with locks holds the bike nicely in place:

A ramp opens up in the back to let the Harley out:

A small kick-stand at the bottom of the bike allows the Harley to stay up allowing for some wonderful poses:

It's just too bad there isn't a receptacle up front that can allow for the shield to be mounted like it was in the movie.

What's NOT to like about the Captain America Strikefire Transport?

Alright honestly if we forget about all the propaganda paint, it's one incredible vehicle! It's decently armored, well armed, has storage capabilities and has a scout vehicle in the back. So what's the Captain America Strikefire Transport's biggest drawback? Captain America can't possibly drive, shoot nor use the scout Harley all at the same time. The Strikefire is a team vehicle.

So here come the GI-Joes showing you how it should be used:

In closing this will be the last time you see Captain America's Strikefire Transport in it's current incarnation. We are going to strip this vehicle down and repaint it for GI Joe use.

The Captain America Strikefire Transport was purchased from Ebay here in the Philippines for PhP 1,999.75 (Roughly US$ 44.43). It is available on Amazon for US$ 69.92 (Roughly PhP 3,146.40 plus shipping)

Yo Joe!!!

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