Monday, February 17, 2014

Transformers Generations Cosmos & Payload

Presenting Cosmos and Payload from the Transformers Generations Toyline.

This is the modern recreation of one of my personal favorite Transformers. I actually had him when I was younger, and lost him somewhere along the way to my current collection.

Cosmos comes with Payload. It took me a while to remember who Payload was. Payload was one of the Mini-Con Space Team members - a flat-bed truck actually meant to carry rockets - from the Transformers Armada series.

Payload was one of the mini-cons that formed the mighty Requiem Blaster - the most powerful energy weapon in the known Galaxy - except the Skyboom Shield diffuses it's blast.

So it's actually fitting that Payload's third form is an energy-weapon for Cosmos.

Hmmmm. I need to get a Transformers Armada Space Team.

Transformers Generations Cosmos & Payload's blister pack reads: "You may never meet a pair that is more eager to please than Autobot Cosmos and Payload. They're both proud of their ability to fly into space and eager to use it to benefit the Autobot cause."

Definitely the happy go-lucky Cosmos that I grew up with.

The blister pack places their statistics at:

  • Strength - 2 - Really, weak, but then he's small
  • Intelligence - 8 
  • Speed - 10 - Cool speed
  • Endurance - 6 
  • Rank - 6 
  • Courage - 7 
  • Fireblast - 6 
  • Skill - 9 - Highly skillful
Payload: Now he're where it gets weird.

  • Strength - 10 - How does this little guy have the strength of the Transformers Generations Optimus Prime
  • Intelligence - 8 
  • Speed - 10 - Just as fast as Cosmos
  • Endurance - 6 
  • Rank - 8 - He outranks Cosmos, but is Cosmos' gun?
  • Courage - 8 - Also braver than Cosmos 
  • Fireblast - 9 - Payload is a gun after all.
  • Skill - 9 - Also highly skillful
What's to like about TF Generations Cosmos & Payload?

Transformers Generations Cosmos is really nicely made. We at the Dungeon really love details, and I love the detail that went into him. This new version of the Autobot Cosmos is a fine tribute to his rather blocky cartoon which I do believe was quite well captured by the original toy.

Take a look at Transformers Generations Comos' forearms for example. They are hollow face-up. But they do not appear hollow (He's got really big hands no?)

We also like the new sleeker look. The original Transformers Cosmos was kinda... chubby. The Transformers Generations Cosmos has a sleeker waist, a lovely front grill and a chest piece which looks nothing like his cartoon version, but looks fine.

And the sleeker look gives Transformers Generations Cosmos wonderful articulation:

Yes, Transformers Generations Cosmos can kneel.

Transform the Mini-con Payload into a energy weapon and you sometimes forget that that's a space-shuttle. Payload really comes across as an energy weapon:

Transformers Generations Cosmos's flying saucer mode is also a wonderful tribute to his cartoon form. I like the addition of a rear fin and front-guns so at least you know if he's coming or going:

The mini-con Payload is pretty standard. Barely moves - as with every other mini-con - and comes with the most basic of detailing. We are pretty happy though that unlike let's say Roller of Transformers Generations Optimus Prime Payload does not look oversized, he look like he's meant to fit as Cosmos' weapon.

When he's transformed the mini-con Payload looks like a space shuttle that took off with it's carrier:

What's NOT to like about TF Generations Cosmos & Payload?

Well other than the fact that we cannot explain why the little mini-con who is as strong as Optimus Prime - and actually outranks Cosmos, almost nothing. For the amount of money we paid for him we got a decent solid toy.

I do however wonder why Transformers Generations Cosmos was not built to be as big as his batchmate Warpath. It would have been nice if they were of the same size.

The biggest problem perhaps with Transformers Generations Cosmos is his space-saucer mode. Because you transform Cosmos into a disc, pushing on one end pushes the other side out. It's pretty hard to find that exact balance - but I suppose ti can be done.

Transformers Generations Cosmos & Payload was purchased at retail from Toys R' Us here in Manila for PhP 699.75 (Roughly US$15.55). It is not available on Amazon as of this writing.

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