Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Kre-O Optimus Prime (Custom)

Presenting the Transformers Kre-O Prime and two custom-variants of the Autobot's fearless leader.

Sometime in December, the Kre-O Transformers sets were price slashed by 50%. So I could not pass on the Optimus Prime which now only cost PhP 2,000 (Roughly US$ 44.44) from their original PhP 4,000 price. After I finished it (Took nearly three hours), I was disappointed that the damn thing didn't transform. Teach me not to read the box. My thumbs hurt by then and I did not feel like prying the who thing apart just so I could assemble the truck mode. And overall, I did not like how he looked (Discuss later). 

So I bought another one, just so I could assemble Kre-O Optimus Prime in his truck mode. But before I could get to work on him, I found not one but two custom versions of Kre-O Optimus Primes on the internet, and I couldn't resist:

The Kre-O Transformers Blister card does not say anything much about Optimus Prime. A few nice details on it are:
  • The kit includes 542 agonizing on the thumbs pieces - though I have to say that building Kre-O's has been most relaxing and stress relieving exercises I have ever done. People may think that finding that one exact tiny piece in a larger pile of pieces just so that you can progress would be frustrating - and it is - but it's also a fine way of slowing down overly busy minds. I wonder if Lego in general is a fine therapy tool for Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD)
  • The kit also includes a pair of Kreon motorcycles. 
  • 5 Kreons included - Autobots Optimus Prime and Bluestreak; Decepticon SkyWarp, and; A pair of Human mechanics/motorcycle drivers. 
  • 3-in-1: Build Truck or Robot AND Battlestation. The Kreons - including the two Kreon Motorcycles fit within Prime in his Truck/Trailer mode quite nicely. 

What's to like and NOT to like about the Kre-O Optimus Prime?

The Kre-O Optimus Prime is actually a very solid build. A tad lanky, true, but his parts rarely fall off and he's a joy to pose.

He is obviously top-heavy so there is a lot of stress on his ankle areas, but he can be balanced well or you can try clear-nail polish.

I particularly like his chest plates, they are hinged at the clavicle area so that you can puff his chest out a bit should you want a tougher look for Prime.

I am also fond of the "open" lego mounts at the bottom of his arms and on top of his hands that allow you to customize weapons for him using spare parts.

Check out Kre-O Optimus Prime's articulation - note that his back is already customized based upon a design found on the internet giving him a more solid back:

But my favorite part about Kre-O Optimus Prime is his head which can be used as a custom piece for other Optimus Primes.

Note that his head is a G1 head and not a Bayformers head. His body though is inspired by Bayformers. Frankly though the two do not look alike:

What's to like and NOT to like about the Kre-O Optimus Prime Custom (Common Version)?

Okay, this is the Common Custom version of a Kre-O Optimus Prime. You can actually find the step-by-step instructions on-line somewhere - can't quite remember where - but most forums will show variations of this basic construction.

This particular Kre-O Custom Optimus Prime is a G1 variant.

This is a very "Sexy" custom thanks to the waist forming "Vee" of his torso.

Also note, that unlike the original Kre-O Optimus Prime, this variant can twist at the hip - hell this Prime can do a 360 degree turn at the hip (Very possessed by a Demon). This Custom Kre-O Optimus Prime is also quite sturdy and comes with high-articulation - yes he can kneel.

I also like how this version of the Kre-O Optimus Prime has a rear that can open revealing "pipes." It's almost as if this Optimus Prime comes with a heat disposal system:

The custom Kre-O Optimus Prime has one serious draw-back: He's quite short, especially in comparison with the original. Also there is nothing that keeps his upper torso from spinning him around like the possessed. But I do love this version and all the potential that it proposes.

What's to like and NOT to like about the Kre-O Optimus Prime Custom (Un-Common Version)?

Okay, this is the Un-Common Custom version of a Kre-O Optimus Prime. I call it "un-common" because there are no instructions for its creation that I can find on-line. I basically had to build this from scratch - literally.

But if you compare the common and un-common custom versions of the Kre-O Optimus Prime, you'll see that the uncommon version can actually be a mutation of the common custom Optimus prime. The legs, shoulders and waist take inspiration from the common custom Optimus Prime.

Unfortunately, he barely moves. His leg design is not as stable as the common custom version and his shoulders are more than ready to pop. And because his chest is hollow, the Kre-O Uncommon version Optimus Prime doesn't take much to crush.

Now remember that I build this guy from scratch - literally - based upon internet photos so chances are good that I missed certain build instructions, so for all I know this Kre-O Uncommon version Optimus Prime is actually quite stable.

Now he can move, and his articulation is almost as good as the Kre-O common version Optimus Prime. I'm just.... tired of having to reassemble him.

But this is why we love this Uncommon custom version of the Kre-O Optimus Prime:

Oh yes! Hi chest opens to reveal the Autobot Matrix of Leadership:

AND!!! You can take that Matrix of Leadership out of the Kre-O Uncommon Custom Optimus Prime revealing his heart: A Kreon Optimus Prime!!! :D

Isn't that the height of cuteness?

Well worth the pain in the thumbs and hours of frustration.

Unforunately, not only is he short, he's also kinda fat.

As mentioned, each Kre-O Optimus Prime set me back PhP 2,000 each (Roughly US$ 44.44). You'd think that there would be enough left-over pieces after all of these to assemble the truck version of Prime. There isn't. He's available on Amazon for US 21.34 (Holy shit! Roughly PhP 960 plus shipping. Damn! Toy Retailers really pumped up the price).

Definitely worth it I think.


  1. how did you create the uncommon Optimus Prime chest area? >.<

  2. Hi Jeremy! Unfortunately there are no instructions on the internet. All we did was look at the photos that did exist and estimate - literally - what was used. That's why it's sooo fragile. Especially since you need to build a space for the little guy. If you look at the picture of the close up of the open chest with the little Kre-on, you can already see the long blue rectangles that make up the Uncommon Prime's back.

  3. Thanks for the reply Denis, so you mean that your uncommon version (with the hollow middle) is less articulate than the common version rite?

  4. Ah.... articulation is still pretty high, but because it's so fragile, I barely move it.


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