Friday, February 28, 2014

Transformers Year of the Horse Optimus Prime

Presenting the Year of the Horse Optimus Prime AKA The Platinum edition Optimus Prime.

Gong Xi Fa Cai!!!! It's the Year of the Horse!

Alright, yes he is a recolored MP-10 with most of his silver trimming replaced with Gold to celebrate the Chinese New Year. Let's get that Elephant out of the way.

No I don't have an MP-10. I was kinda down-and-out when it was released. I really wanted one. When I finally recovered the MP-10s were gone from the market and quite frankly I don't think it's worth what people ask for it today.

So I was very happy when news of the Year of the Horse Optimus Prime started filtering through the internet. It was like that second chance that you only dream of.

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Grimm Fairy Tales Alice in Wonderland Action Figure

Presenting Alice in Wonderland from Grimm's Fairy Tales as perceived through the minds of Zenescope Entertainment Inc, the people behind the comic book of the same title.

Okay everynow and then while walking through the malls or bargain centers you come across something that makes you do a double take and say WTF!!!!

At first I thought it was a Plastic Fantasy XXX Action figure. But no! The detailing was waaaaay better, the propotions more human, and the Lolita factor waaaay waaaay waaaay off the charts!

It was Alice Liddle! The main character from the borderline risque comic-book from Zenescope Entertainment Inc called "Grimm Fairy Tales presents Alice in Wonderland"

It's a really twisted take on an already twisted story.

But the female cast is really hot.

Monday, February 17, 2014

Transformers Generations Cosmos & Payload

Presenting Cosmos and Payload from the Transformers Generations Toyline.

This is the modern recreation of one of my personal favorite Transformers. I actually had him when I was younger, and lost him somewhere along the way to my current collection.

Cosmos comes with Payload. It took me a while to remember who Payload was. Payload was one of the Mini-Con Space Team members - a flat-bed truck actually meant to carry rockets - from the Transformers Armada series.

Payload was one of the mini-cons that formed the mighty Requiem Blaster - the most powerful energy weapon in the known Galaxy - except the Skyboom Shield diffuses it's blast.

So it's actually fitting that Payload's third form is an energy-weapon for Cosmos.

Hmmmm. I need to get a Transformers Armada Space Team.

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Marvel Now Captain America

Presenting the Marvel Now Captain America from the Marvel Legends Infinite Series.

No he does not come with a rifle, but since Captain America is no longer traumatized by using weapons - really seemed weird anyway that a guy who made it through basic training would be adverse to using firearms - it seemed right to give him one. Even a bit of a plus since it's a Hydra Automatic rifle.

Plus this is the modern day Captain America (Hence the Marvel Now! tag). I am really digging this look over his old scale-mail uniform. That suit is a classic, but it just wasn't practical or realistic. Remember when Chris Evans came out wearing it in the movie? He looked like clown! Who would follow that? So this more modern adaptation using modern day Kevlar plates, a skull-cap and other modern military accouterments really appears to me.

Friday, February 7, 2014

Star Wars Black Series Mara Jade

Presenting the Star Wars Black Series Mara Jade action figure.

I have mixed feeling about Mara Jade given the recent news about the Star Wars canon. For all we know, in the next few months/years, Mara Jade will cease to exist. Everything I've grown to love and care for this character may disappear just because some studio executive at Disney said so.


So for the uninitiated, in the event that Mara Jade disappears from the Star Wars universe, allow us to tell us who she is. Mara Jade is a Jedi Master in the Expanded Universe; a member of the Jedi Council, former smuggler, Captain of the Jade Shadow; former Hand-of-the-Emperor (Agent of the Empire who answers solely to Palpatine) whose final mission for Emperor was a failed mission to execute Luke Skywalker on Tatooine.

Mara Jade is also known as Mara Jade-Skywalker, wife of Jedi Grand Master Luke Skywalker, Master to Jaina Solo; Mother to Ben Skywalker; ancestor of Cade Skywalker.

Mara Jade would eventually fall to the treachery of Jacen Solo.

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Kre-O Optimus Prime (Custom)

Presenting the Transformers Kre-O Prime and two custom-variants of the Autobot's fearless leader.

Sometime in December, the Kre-O Transformers sets were price slashed by 50%. So I could not pass on the Optimus Prime which now only cost PhP 2,000 (Roughly US$ 44.44) from their original PhP 4,000 price. After I finished it (Took nearly three hours), I was disappointed that the damn thing didn't transform. Teach me not to read the box. My thumbs hurt by then and I did not feel like prying the who thing apart just so I could assemble the truck mode. And overall, I did not like how he looked (Discuss later). 

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