Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Kitty Young Harley Quinn Cosplay

Kitty Young Cosplay by Ron Gejon Photography
Presenting Cosplayer Kitty Young as Harley Quinn.

Kitty Young Cosplay is really Keyana Young from New York City.

She's in love with Mr. J and we're in love with her not just because she really looks hot in a two-piece black and red custom number, but because she really does make a wonderful looking Harley Quinn - I daresay she actually is the best looking Harley Quinn Cosplayer I've seen to date.

The young Kitty Young just has that vivacious, carefree, wide-doe eyed enthusiasm for life that I believe embodies the character of Harley Quinn (Of course I left off the psychotic part, but that's not necessary for a cosplayer).

And she's not even a blonde.

Most of Kitty Young Cosplay's Harley Quinn cosplay is through the lenses of Ron Gejon Photography. Do take the time to visit and like Ron Gejon Photography and Kitty Young Cosplay on Facebook.

Now before you think this is all about bikinis, here's  Kitty Young Cosplay's Harley Quinn fully clothed using the design used in the Batman: Arkham City video game again through the lenses of Ron Gejon Photography

Here is Kitty Young Cosplay with Mr. J:

Kitty Young Cosplay also like to play heavily with makeup. I'm particularly fond of this Halloween getup - simple, creative, but very effective:

But I'm sure you're all reading this to see more of Kitty Young Cosplay cosplaying Harley Quinn on the beach. Say thank you to Ron Gejon Photography:

Again don't forget to support Kitty Young Cosplay on Facebook.

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