Thursday, December 19, 2013

STAR WARS Yoda & Kybuck

Presenting Yoda and his Kybuck from the STAR WARS 30th Anniversary Coin Collection.

This is not the first time that Yoda and his trusty steed appeared in the Dungeon. Yoda and his Kybuck were featured as the 32nd coin in my STAR WARS 30th Anniversary Coin Collection.  

Yoda's Kybuck was a gift from a princess from Woolwarricca the prairie district of Kashyyyk (one of 33 that he revcieved over the years). None of Yoda's Kybucks had names because Jedi do not believe in possessions and therefore Yoda did not believe that he was their master - he was their friend. As a result Yoda would call his Kybucks via the Force. It was the Kybuck's option to follow.

Yoda and his Kybuck are molded after the animated series - which I really hate. But I do love the Battle of Coruscant which was... for lack of better words... a fine tribute... to just how powerful Yoda is.

During the Battle of Coruscant, Yoda took apart squadrons of Vulture Droid and Tri-Fighters by creating walls of Droidekas in the air, and then further hampered the Droid advance by forcing Droid C9979 Landing Crafts to crash into each other.

True, not quite like forcing a Star Destroyer to crash, but close enough and with extremely less effort.

What's to like about Yoda and his Kybuck?

Well cool looking mounts are not that common in the Star Wars universe. Everyone just wants to get one and when they do they troop build.

So it's nice to have a Star Wars mount that I know no one will try to hoard because I kinda doubt that anyone wants to have an army of Wookies mounted on Kybucks - (Strange, but that's not
quite a bad idea).

I love the detailing that went into the Kybuck. Look at the rough texture of the Kybuck's hide. I love the un-eveness of the hide and the seemingly random wrinkles all over the creature's hide.

And that defiant expression in the Kybuck's face? Priceless.

Articulation is sadly limited and the Kybuck is best posed with a stand to help him look really cool. Yoda mounts through either a simple peg on the Kybuck's back or through the hand-hold on the saddle. It's a cool looking saddle. Yoda fits nicely back there. Yoda's articulation is also quite limited - especially in the leg area.

Yoda comes with a cool cape and a style of lightsaber holding that I haven't seen since Errant Jedi Rahm Kota - Yoda's lightsaber is on his back. Note how Yoda is NOT based upon the animated series.

Remove Yoda's cloak and you have an amply poseable Yoda figure:

But Yoda looks the best when he's combined with his Kybuck:

Here's Yoda riding his Kybuck to battle with Luke Skywalker mounted on his TaunTaun:

What's to like about Yoda and his Kybuck?

Nothing other than the poor - though not so bad - articulation and the fact that Yoda and the Kybuck are fashioned after different genres - the animated series and the live series.

But the two together are really cool and they make a nice conversation piece once displayed. How often do we get to see Yoda leading a charge as a warrior on horse (Kybuck) back after all?

Another downside for him unfortunately is his price. You can get a Yoda and his Kybuck for US$ 10 (Roughly PhP 440 plus shipping on Amazon. I'm not quite sure why he's not that rare or valuable. I think he should be worth much. Sadly I no longer remember how much I paid for him.

But a definite must have.

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