Monday, December 2, 2013

Star Wars Republic Scout Speeder

Presenting the STAR WARS Clone Wars Republic Scout Speeder.

I'm not quite sure if this qualifies as a STAR WARS Mini-rig, but like most mini-rigs, the Republic Scout Speeder is currently non-canonical to the STAR WARS Universe.

In a nutshell the Republic Scout Speeder is the smaller cousin of the Infantry Support Platform/Republic Swamp Speeder.

Whereas the Clone Infantry Support Platform was designed to literally be a floating platform for various purposes including the transport of infantry, the Scout Speeder is a gunship.

Both vehicles are repulsorlift vehicles propelled by fan blades, but the Republic Scout Speeder fits only two and is surprisingly more heavily armed. Think of it as a fast moving, harasser capable of entering tight spots and literally running circles around the enemy.

The STAR WARS Republic Scout Speeder's blister card doesn't speak much about the speeder itself, but does describe the pilot as being an "Advance Recon Fighter Trooper" and that "Advance Recon Fighter (ARF) Troopers use heavily armed Scout Speeders"

The card then basically says that the Republic Scout Speeder fits two figures, has interchangeable weapons and has a gunner's station on the back. It lists the ARF Troopers stats as follows:

  • Force Ability - 5
  • Battle Skills - 11
  • Intelligence - 11
  • Mechanical Skill - 12
  • Leadership - 8
  • Luck - 10

Not really elite if you ask me. But then that's perhaps why so may of them get killed. Simple Separatist Battle Droids have the Clone Troopers beat with Luck rolls of 17.

"What's to like about the Star Wars Republic Scout Speeder?"

I love the concept! A light, fast vehicle - not as fast as the "I want to die so I drive this fast" BARC Speeder - but carrying the equivalent firepower of a tank.

Naturally there's a trade off, and, as you can see, a well thrown rock can hit the pilot, forget shields, and somewhere down the road I'm sure it becomes a balancing act between speed and firepower.

It reminds me somewhat of a HALO Mongoose with a gunner firing away while hanging on for dear life from behind.

Though it does look far more stable to the skidding top-heavy Mongoose.

The Star Wars Clone Wars Republic Scout Speeder comes with the aforementioned ARF pilot and six-hardpoints where you can mix/match/mount:
  • A pair of medium-caliber laser turrets; 
  • A pair of small caliber possibly rapid fire anti-personnel lasers, and;
  • A pair of sensors:
The hard-points on the canopy of the Republic Scout Speeder allows whatever is mounted there to elevate. The "Customizability" of the Republic Scout Speeder is a definite plus to it, especially since you can mount other weapons from other STAR WARS mini-rigs.

Here are some "variants"

Speaking of the ARF Pilot, despite the fact that he's one of the animated Clone Soldiers that I really, really depise, he does come with a nice surprise: The new wrist enhancements of GI Joe figures that allow him to hyperextend and better grip weapons:

With just the ARF pilot, the Republic Scout Speeder already looks quite menacing:

Movement of the Star Wars Clone Wars Republic Scout Speeder is dictated by the two position-able vanes at it's back:

Did you notice the detailing of the gunner's station? The gunner's position allows the two top-most hardpoints to swivel around 45% in total. Swiveling the hardpoint also swivel's the gunner's platform on the back. For this particular Republic Scout Speeder, a BARC trooper - not sure where he came from - takes the gunner's slot:

"What's NOT to like about the Star Wars Republic Scout Speeder?"

Unfortunately, the concept also works against the Republic Scout Speeder. Despite the advancements in technology, I sincerely doubt if, as is, the Republic Scout Speeder can actually function.

Consider: Is there enough room within the Republic Scout Speeder to power all its weaponry, sensors and still leave fuel enough to allow it the range and speed required of a scout?

I sincerely doubt it. At best it would not be a scout, but a short-ranged intereceptor.

This particular Star Wars Clone Wars Republic Scout Speeder was purchased in Filbars/BigBoystoyStore in Glorietta for PhP 1, 150 (Roughly US$ 26.13). It is available on Amazon for US$ 28.95 (Roughly PhP 1,273.80 plus shipping).

Still a cool piece to have.

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