Thursday, December 12, 2013

Marvel Universe Aurora

Presenting Aurora from the final Marvel Universe series.

Born the mutant Jeanne-Marie Beaubier, she developed a split personality thanks to a strict religious upbringing that condemned her mutant flight/speed powers as demonic.

As a result, the fun loving, flirty adventurer personality that called herself Aurora came to exist and the two personalities: Aurora and the meek-as-a-mouse conservative personality of Jeanne Marie would clash and conflict over the years that she served as a member of Alpha Flight - part of why a lot of people - including myself - loved that series.

Eventually the Aurora personality would win out though she picked up several more personalities along the way.

Originally, Aurora would require physical contact with her twin Brother Northstar to generate light, but during a mission where she was critically injured, she was genetically modified and started being able to manifest light on her own. As a result of that surgery, she also should lose her powers upon contact with Northstar, but that's evolved and now physical contact with her brother allows them to generate light AND heat.

Marvel Universe Aurora's blister pack reads "The X-Men are not the only team of mutants to take on the mantle of heroes. Operating from a base of operations in Canada, the members of Alpha Flight defend their nation against all threats with unyielding courage and their own incredible mutant powers."

Except the members of Alpha Flight are not, have not, probably never will be a mutant team. Yes they have members who are mutants, but their roster has always been of mixed power origins - much like the Avengers - which is probably why they are unpopular - they're seen as second tier Avengers.

What's to like about the Marvel Universe Aurora?

Well Aurora was a lot of fun to Photoshop. She wa a darling test on how to use vectors, layers and styles. Thank you so much to the dear friend who taught me how to do these. I learned a lot.

That being said, she was a lot of fun to pose. Articulation is quite high and up to par with what we've come to demand from Marvel Universe figures - despite being a bit on the waif side. Aurora comes with a nicely sculpted body - just check out that bodacious butt shot up there - and there's just enough play in her to embody her adventurous, playful spirit.

Marvel Universe Aurora also has the ability to kneel - somewhat - and is quite a dear to hang:

And I love the new headsculpt. I really appreciate it that Marvel works to give us something new instead of recycling heads. Though this particular head-sculpt is still not as pretty as the Scarlet Witch's.

What's NOT to like about the Marvel Universe Aurora?

Well first off there is quite a dash of flash on her - meaning the spare plastic. Marvel Universe Aurora's body base is also black so there's the unavoidable black edge marks that appear on her neck area - quite distracting. In the first image I photoshopped it out.

Also despite the high articulation, I have issues with her inability to fully kneel.

Other than that, the only problem is that Northstar is missing and probably won't be made. Marvel Universe successfully released Cloak and Dagger, but failed to release a Northstar to go with Aurora? Having her feels like I have an incomplete set.

The Marvel Univere Aurora is available on Amazon for US$ 14.11 (Roughly PhP 620.84 plus shipping). I purchased her from Filbars/Big Boys along with the Black Knight for PhP 750 (Roughly US$ 17)

Here's hoping that we will see a Northstar in the future.

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