Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Transformers Prime Ultra Magnus - Commander Class

Presenting the Transformers Prime Commander Class Ultra Magnus.

I love Ultra Magnus though I've always felt a bit sorry for him. Not only does Ultra Magnus bear baby-blue, he'll always be second-fiddle to Optimus Prime. He never seems to match up.

I mean he gets the Matrix of Leadership from Prime in the Transformers Movie and what happens? He gets blown up.

He leads a charge against Megatron in Transformers Prime, gets his ass kicked, and gets rescued by Optimus Prime.

Ultra Magnus leads another battle against Predaking, gets his ass handed to him again, rescued by Optimus Prime AGAIN, and this time loses not just his hammer, but his right hand as well.

Face it, Ultra Magnus has future villain written all over him.

Maybe that's why he wields a hammer to begin with and leads a team called the "Wreckers." He has a lot of pent up issues.

Transformers Prime Ultra Magnus' blister card doesn't say much about him other than that he is the Autobot's "Heavy Munitions" guy, and that he is "One of the most unstoppable warriors this side of the galactic core."

Transformers Prime Commander Class Ultra Magnus comes with a "energy" based hammer closer in appearance to the Hammer of his larger Powerizers Ultra Magnus that unfortunately looks nothing like the "Forge of Solus" wielded by the Beast Hunters Ultra Magnus.

The "Hammer" becomes a poseable artillery piece when Ultra Magnus transforms into his truck mode, which is probably why they call him the Autobot's "Heavy Munitions" guy.

What's to like about the Transformers Prime Commander Class Ultra Magnus?

You know how they say that good things come in small packages?

Well this diminutive Ultra Magnus is one of the nicest sculpted and designed figures in the Dungeon.

The Commander Class Ultra Magnus not only comes with great articulation thanks to the ample use of ball joints, and the ability to twist at the waist - that most Transformers lack - but he also has the ability to bring his arms forward thanks to the swivel joints installed in his chest - much like his bigger cousin, the Powerizers Ultra Magnus can. I daresay that this is a figure that is waaaay better than his Beast Hunters counterpart.

Look at the dour personality projected by his wonderful detailing. I actually love the "Energy" part of his chest. It adds flavor to him:

Now let's watch him wield his hammer. Yes, Transformers Prime Commander Class Ultra Magnus can dual wield his hammer:

And yes, Ultra Magnus can kneel:

What's NOT to like about the Transformers Prime Commander Class Ultra Magnus?

Anyone else notice that Ultra Magnus has a yellow belley-button? Not sure why someone decided to give him that. I suppose someone wanted to break the silver/red/blue paint-job, but that yellow ring really really stands out.

Another problem is while the Commander Class Ultra Magnus can dual wield his hammer, his hands have difficulty grasping his hammer. Posing him was soooo difficult and a trial of patience.

I'm also not really happy with his truck mode. It's kinda.... flat. Not really worthy of someone as mighty as Ultra Magnus:

This particular Commander Class Ultra Magnus was purchased from Robinson's Department Store in Ortigas (The Fire Sale that resulted from the burning of their Toy Department - that place always smelled funny) for PhP 200 (Roughly US$ 4.54). He is available for a whopping US$ 19.95 in Amazon (Roughly PhP 877.80 plus shipping).

A must have Commander's Class figure.

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