Sunday, November 10, 2013

STAR WARS: Darth Malgus Vintage Edition

Presenting Darth Malgus the False Emperor from the Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic Vintage Edition toy series.

Darth Malgus was the guy who made black armor and respirators cool before Darth Vader and Bane did.

Darth Malgus is one of the finer examples of how the use of Dark Side of the Force taxes the physical limitations of the user. The respirator is the result of injuries that he received in a surprise Sith attack on the planet Alderaan where he encountered and was forced to retreat by she who would become Jedi Grand Master Satelle Shan - a direct descendant of the great Revan and wife Jedi Bastila Shan.

Darth Malgus is also the only bad-ass I know to wear not ONE!!!! But TWO!!!! CAPES - despite the recommendation "No Capes!"

Raised with the adoptive name "Veradun" Darth Malgus would go on to not only attack Coruscant along with Shae Vizla. Malgus would sack the Jedi Temple, kill scores of Jedi including master swordsman Jedi Master Ven Zallow and half the members of the Jedi High Council - completely humiliating the Jedi order.

Towards the end of the Jedi/Sith Cold War that followed the open war, Darth Malgus would declare himself Emperor in defiance of the Sith Dark Council. The Dark Council would later send a Strike Force after Darth Malgus led by Darth Severin to end his short reign. Darth Malgus was last seen stabbed through the stomach falling into a reactor. Dead? Maybe. Maybe not.

What's to like about the Star Wars Darth Malgus Vintage Edition Action Figure?

Damn Darth Malgus looks good. He's even better looking that Vader and sharper looking than Revan. I think he looks better than either of them because of those evil beady eyes that shoot out their hatred from the shadows of his eyesockets and the darkness of his cloak.

Darth Malgus comes with everything you see here, a unique lit lightsaber (Photoshopped) that we'll talk about more later, an unlit lightsaber that clips to his side and a bit to the rear, and a removable cloak. Now most people would normally just place the removable cloak directly over his shoulder, but I prefer to insert the cloak's wire under Darth Malgus' shoulder pauldrons which I think brings his look closer to how it appears in the video games. You can even pull the cloak back when it's inserted:

Now I'm particularly fond of lightsabers that can be used as weapons without having to be lit, like Darth Nihl's lightsaber - a Yorik Coral hammer in it's own right. Darth Malgus' lightsaber's hilt ends in sharp edges that can be used to stab people:

The Vintage Edition Darth Malgus' articulation is quite acceptable for a Vintage figure. You will encounter some issues given how bulky his armor is and he does not have the ability to spread his legs unlike some other Star Wars Vintage Edition figures. Despite those limitations Darth Malgus can kneel:

What's NOT to like about the Star Wars Darth Malgus Vintage Edition Action Figure?

Ah...... nothing. We can forgive the inability of the Vintage Edition Darth Malgus to do splits and even forgive the articulation hampered by his armor. It is expected by the way and I sincerely doubt if you could make Darth Malgus do splits in the video game.

I love the detailing, I love the fact that his cloak is not like previous Jedi cloaks that we've seen that are practically useless. Darth Malgus' cloak and the ability to clip it under his pauldrons is a fresh breath of air as far as good looking toys go.

The only thing I suppose I'd like from Darth Malgus would be an alternate head. Darth Malgus was already using this armor before his injuries at the hands of Grand Master Shan so a before and after look would be great.

Oh and I suppose we can also forgive the fact that his lightsaber is a little bent - at least in my action figure.

This particular Star Wars Vintage Darth Malgus was purchased on the black market of Greenhills for PhP 800 (Roughly US$ 18.18). He is available on Amazon for US$ 34.99 (Roughly PhP 1,540 plus shipping).

A must have for KOTOR fans.

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