Friday, November 29, 2013

Marvel Universe Black Knight

Presenting the Black Knight from what is supposedly the last Marvel Universe series Toyline.

Here's the thing about this figure, this particular incarnation of the Black Knight is credited as being Sir Percy of Scandia - the original (Though he later claims not to be the first) Black Knight from the time of King Arthur - and not Dane Whitman, the Modern 616 Universe Black Knight - despite bearing the appearance of Dane Whitman.

This particular Marvel Universe Black Knight doesn't even bother to give the Black Knight an Ebony Blade. The sword he bears is a dull gray one. It's possible that this could be a nod to the "Sword of Light" that Dane Whitman was granted by the Lady of the Lake, but then as mentioned, this is not Dane Whitman.

The Marvel Universe Black Knight's blister card reads: "Donning a black helm and riding under a shroud of mystery, Sir Percy of Scandia heroically defended the realm of the legendary King Arthur. 
His enchanted blade was forged by Merlin from material found in a meteorite. As long as he wields it, he remains invincible to any enemy attack."

Which is kinda strange since the Black Knight (Whitman) was far from invincible. Personally We've always liked the Black Knight (Whitman) and we think that he was on the rise to becoming an over-all legendary character had Marvel not decided to lend him to Malibu Comics where he became the leader of Ultraforce and slowly disappeared into a more or less secondary character in the main universe.

What's to like about the Marvel Universe Black Knight?

As far as sculpts go, the Marvel Universe Black Knight is pretty standard. He's probably recycled and repainted from a plethora of other Marvel Universe figure parts (Probably a Captain America), though the paint detailing is nice and the silver paint job does come off all shiny, shimmering, splendid just like armor.

He comes with a sword, a detachable scabbard that clips to a re-positionable belt, and a cape that can be removed if you pop off his head.

We're actually quite fond of the Black Knight's head sculpt. From within the packaging it actually almost looks like you can remove his helmet - and believe me when we freed him we tried. Unfortunately, no dice.

Another nice part about the Marvel Universe Black Knight is that if you pop off his cape, his neck is still proportional to his body i.e. he doesn't look like a giraffe. This is a fine trait that we noticed with the Marvel Universe Scarlet Witch.

Articulation of the Marvel Universe Black Knight is excellent and the cape is no hindrance to his poseability:

The Marvel Universe Black Knight can kneel and, with some effort, dual wield his blade:

The Marvel Universe Black Knight is also quite open to customization. Remove his cape, find him a nice jacket, give him a lightsaber and you have the leader of Ultraforce. 

What's NOT to like about the Marvel Universe Black Knight?

IT'S NOT DANE WHITMAN!!!! It just looks like him.We suppose we can forgive that.

HE DOESN'T HAVE AN EBONY BLADE!!!! Solved with an after market Gundam pen.

The biggest downside to the Marvel Universe Black Knight is his sculpt. He's a reused body as we suspect and Marvel did not bother giving him chain mail armor. We know that they can do chain-mail armor - which we've seen in past Marvel Universe Captain Americas and how given how nice the Marvel Universe Thor's Scale-mail armor is.

Still a nice addition to the Dungeon.

This particular Marvel Universe Black Knight was purchased from Filbars/Big Boys Toy Store in Glorietta here in the Philippines for PhP 900 (Roughly US$ 20.45). He's available on Amazon for US$ 16.99 (Roughly PhP 747.56 plus shipping.

I understand that locally he's quite rare.

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