Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Captain DIY

Presenting Captain DIY - or Captain America - in a Chinese KO Megablock form.

I've long seen these Chinese Knock-off proliferating the alleyways and streets of the more seedy parts and sections of the Metro, and I have to admit a certain level of attraction. I've long wanted to buy one of them, but I never have - citing the fact that I have to stick to what I collect as what I should be buying.

So when a dear friend finally gave me one I leaped with joy at the chance to play with it.

Although I'm pretty sure that I've once again brought myself under the possibility of suffering from Lead poisoning. After his construction, my fingers had that same "coated" feeling that I got after constructing that KO Chinese Optimus Prime.

Still really cool.

The packaging doesn't say much. Captain DIY (America) is a part of the Super Heroes Alliance. That's all it says. It's meant for ages 3+ so I fit in perfectly and it's comprised of 42 pieces.

In a nutshell Captain DIY is Captain America with really large metallic shoulder pads. The rest of Captain DIY is the standard, albeit more modern (Flattened wings on his head instead of actual wings) Captain America outfit.

The pack came with instructions for Captain DIY's assembly as well as another set of instructions on how to combine him with Knight DIY (Iron Man).

What's to like about the Super Heroes Alliance Captain DIY?

Well let's begin with how it's such a joy to go mindless and assemble something as fun as this. Like Lego, assembling Captain DIY was quite a zen experience.

Assembly is pretty simple. No sharp parts. Quite kid friendly save for the propbably Lead coating.

The result is this highly articulated, highly poseable action figure that you can even further evolve should you have the resources to expand him even further via other Super Heroes Alliance figures or some standard stud-clip on weaponry.

Here's a fine example of Captain DIY's articulation:

Captain DIY can kneel and as seen above you can switch his shield arm or remove Captain America's shield entirely:

What's NOT to like about the Super Heroes Alliance Captain DIY?

Well.... Captain America doesn't have shoulder pads - and they do tend to get in the way of his regular movement (Though this is probably a tactic to keep Marvel from suing the manufacturers' asses).

But the biggest drawback on this extremely articulated action figure is his inability to twist at the waist - which is a sad thing given the great over-all articulation.

Other than that it's a nice toy to pose and a lot of fun to have - just don't eat it and remember to wash your hands after playing.

As this was a gift, there is no price tag and I sincerely doubt that this is available on Amazon.


  1. This is actually a knock-off version of Lego's Marvel Avengers Captain America set (number 4597).



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