Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Transformers Prime Beast Hunters Arcee

Presenting Arcee from the Transformers Prime Beast Hunters series.

I really liked the Transformer Prime First Edition Arcee so I was tempted when this particular version of Arcee came out. Sure there have been at least two (?) Transformer Prime versions that followed the First Edition version counting the Legion Class version, but something about this particular Arcee caught my eye.

Must be because it's hard to imagine why a race of mechanical beings would even bother having a gender. Or in layman's terms: "Why does Arcee have boobs?"

But that will actually stir up a hornets nest from Transformers fans who will actually cite the fact that Transformers can reproduce sexually (But again since they're machines, they still don't need genders when you think about it), and which will probably end up in a discussion involving the Matrix, a female Oracle and a male Colonel Sanders.

So let's just enjoy that Arcee has boobs.

The Deluxe Class Transformers Prime Beast Hunters Arcee's blister card simply reads "The ultimate Autobot hunter is on the prowl for some Predacons to pound!" - which would be difficult to do since she's armed with a bow and doesn't have a hammer.

Instead the Beast Hunters Arcee comes armed with an Echohawk Bow that fires two spring loaded missiles.

Beast Hunters Arcee's blister card puts her statistics as follows:
  • Strength - 4
  • Inteligence - 7
  • Speed - 8
  • Endurance - 5
  • Rank - 7
  • Courage - 9
  • Fireblast - 4
  • Skill - 8

Beast Hunters Arcee still transforms into a blue motorcycle, but differs from her Transformers Prime 1st edition version in size (Beast Hunters Arcee is smaller) and in terms of all the new "bat-wing" fairing and embellishments added to her. She almost looks like Transformers Prime 1st Edition Arcee's little sister. Here's big sister seemingly smiling down at her smaller sibling:

Little sister is... scarier. 

What's to like about the TF Prime Beast Hunters Arcee?

That bow! It's pretty bad ass. Normally I don't like these add on-weapons that are always bigger than what an action figure would normally bring to combat thanks to the required spring. Most GI Joes and a plethora of Transformers suffer from this. I find these add ons juvenile and... well... ugly. 

But the Echohawk Bow fits nicely in Arcee's hands and is quite a plausible looking weapon. I love it! It suits her, it suits her character, and it goes well as an accessory. It barely even interferes with Beast Hunter Prime Arcee's articulation. 

As you can see, Beast Hunters Arcee can both use wield her bow and kneel. Articulation is excellent!

And, Beast Hunters Arcee has this really wicked set of spikes at the back of her heels. Imagine just what kinds of worlds of hurt being stabbed in the head by a roundhouse kick from her feet would cause - if you lived.

What's NOT to like about the TF Prime Beast Hunters Arcee?

Unfortunately several things:

First off: Hasbro? Batman wants his batcycle back.

It actually gets worse once you apply the Echohawk Bow to her front. Though I have to admit that I'm not really sure how to attach it.

2nd, those wonderful spike we talked about? They tend to get in the way of the most basic poses - including her kneeling pose because they are sooo long - much in the same way that her big sister:  Transformers Prime 1st Edition Arcee's shoulder pads kept getting in the way

And last: She kinda looks like a bug up close. All she needs is insectoid wings:

Still I believe the Transformers Prime Beast Hunters Arcee is a nice piece to have, simply for the bow. This particular figure was purchased from Toys R Us here in the Philippines for PhP 799.75 (Roughly US$ 18.17). She is available on Amazon for roughly the same price.

And she has boobs.


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