Friday, October 11, 2013

STAR WARS INT-4 Interceptor Mini-Rig

Presenting the Star Wars Empire Strikes Back INT-4 Interceptor. This is was originally a non-canon vehicle that was released waaaay back in 1984.

A sweet dear friend of mine actually had the audacity to mention that she wasn't born when this particular toy was released. It was a fine reminder though that I've been a "toy-collector" (In the sense that my parents bought me toys) for over thirty years.

Anyway, this particular vehicle is quite dear to me because it was the first ever vehicle that my mom bought for me all those years ago. My original one was lost to up-trading ages ago, so you have no idea how much being reunited with one just like it in near mint condition means to me - almost brought me to tears actually. (Long sigh).

I miss my mom.

Anyway, this is no-longer a non-canon vehicle, unlike most of the Star Wars Mini-Rings are,  having finally made an appearance in the book "Lando Calrissian and the Starcave of ThonBoka"

Here's the original Kenner box of the Star Wars INT-4 interceptor. Take a gander at those vintage action figures and the US$ 1 rebate offer:

As you can see, the blister card doesn't say much about the INT-4 Interceptor other than that you can "lower the wings to prepare a scouting mission for Rebel Base" and  "Open hatch to place Action Figure in cockpit. Laser cannon moves to attack rebels"

What's to like about the Star Wars INT-4 Interceptor Mini-Rig

Aside from the obvious nostalgia buzz I get from it, get this, we know that the INT-4 Mini-Rig is a scout-craft (Obiously), but its Star Wars Wiki entry describes it as a "capable spacegoing starfighter equipped with deflector shields.... at least one version of the INT-4 was designed to also be deployable from within the body of an AT-AT."

Kinda hard to believe this thing is spacegoing, but sure! Whatever! I mean it does have holes on top, but perhaps it has a force field.

The INT-4 Interceptor Mini-Rig has a very simple gimmick: pull the level up and down to lower, raise the wings:

I also like the fact that the design kinda looks like a minature AT-ST. You can almost imagine the INT-4 merging with a waiting set of legs after a short flight:

The INT-4 Interceptor fits one pilot. In this case, an AT-T driver (Since this is supposed to be a mini-rig deployed in Hoth as the box depicts). There are no controls inside. Just put him inside.

What's NOT to like about the Star Wars INT-4 Interceptor Mini-Rig

For a toy of it's time, this is pretty high-tech. I'd say that there's almost nothing wrong with it save for the idea that the INT-4 Interceptor is spaceworthy.

The only other problem I have with the INT-4 Interceptor Mini-rig is its inability to fit within the confines of Power of the Force 2 AT-AT (1995). The image depicted on the side of the INT-4 Interceptor shows the mini-rig nestled inside an AT-AT. This is the 1981 Power of the Force AT-AT which did not have an electronics bay inside the troop compartment that provided additional sound effects. You can see how wide the bay is in this 1981 commercial:

Unfortunately I could not find a commercial with the INT-4 Interceptor. Without the electronics bay I'm sure that the INT-4 Intereceptor would fit inside the AT-AT. With the bay - as in the case of the Power of the Force AT-AT, it will not fit.

This particular wonderful nostalgic piece from my history was purchased from DTYARK on Ebay for PhP 1,800 (Roughly US$ 41 plus shipping). A hefty price, but it's worth the memories.

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