Friday, September 13, 2013

Marvel Legends Wolverine - Wolverine Series

Presenting Wolverine from the Marvel Legends Wolverine Series.

Wolverine: James "Logan" Howlett, rider of Bamfs, current co-headmaster of the Jean Grey School of Gifted Youngsters, current member of the Avengers (Assuming Steve Rogers ever forgives him for his role in X-Force), and current squeeze of the former Queen of Wakanda, Ororo Munroe AKA Storm.

The good side to this is that Wolverine is actually down in the number of comic books - teams - that he's in. Aside from a multitude of solo comics, Wolverine is currently only with the Uncanny Avengers, Avengers, Wolverine and the X-Men, and the Astonishing X-Men -though he did guest recently in Storm's X-Men mag - speaking of which, after they kissed in Wolverine and the X-Men while he was giving Storm a haircut with his claws, Marvel seems to have dumped the idea.

Wolverine from the Marvel Legends Wolverine series does not contribute anything to the Puck BAF figure. Wolverine comes instead with the really cool three-pronged stand that I've always found great for posing Marvel Legends figures.

Wolverine's blister card reads "Wolverine: Is Wolverine the ultimate weapon? With claws like that it's Mr. Ultimate Weapon to you Bub."

This version of Wolverine bears his modern costume as it appears today in the comic books. This is the second time Marvel has issued the modern costume of Wolverine - though that Wolverine, just like the White Queen - was slightly smaller than regular Marvel Legends figures (though I think that this version of Wolverine is the more appropriate size):

So What's NOT to like about Wolverine from the the Marvel Legends Wolverine Series?

We're beginning with "What's Wrong" with Wolverine because we have to get the white elephant out of the way: He's a repaint of the Marvel Legends X-Force Wolverine from the Hit Monkey BAF line.

ADDENDUM: Julius Dolor - an avid follower of the Dark Lord Dungeon - deserves a shout out here for pointing out that this is not the second but the third time this particular mold has been used. The one I missed is the redeco of Wolverine found in the SDCC 2012 X-Force 3-pack (Which I really wish I owned just for Psylocke). Many thanks for pointing this out Julius!!! :D

He's not even a nice redeco. Note the now absent "X" from his belt-buckle. At the very least Marvel could have given us an X-logo where Wolverine now wears it - as a pin on the left side of his chest above his heart.

But at the very least, it's nice to see the two duke it out:

I suppose I can make the "X" pin and give him pouches on his belt like he should have now.

And as with the X-Force Wolverine, the straps that hold his boots in place also prevent his ankles from articulating his body forward.

So What's to like about Wolverine from the the Marvel Legends Wolverine Series?

If you can ignore the white-elephant in the room, then you have one hell-of-a-great Marvel Legends figure. Everything that you can possibly love from the X-Force Wolverine.

As with that Wolverine, the Marvel Legends Wolverine Series Wolverine has a new facial sculpt with shorter flanges on his cowl of the modern Wolverine.

You can also compare his claws to the claws of the original modern Wolverine above and bask in how nice the more rigid claws of the new Wolverine are - yes, with the right cajoling, you can even remove each claw.

The Marvel Legends Wolverine Series Wolverine, as with the X-Force Wolverine  comes with shoulder joints that allow you to pull back his arms or thrust them forward:

Yep, the Wolverine from the Marvel Legends Wolverine series can kneel.

I was hooked up with Wolverine by a fellow collector - and to him I give my heartfelt thanks again (Thanks Eric!). The Marvel Legends Wolverine series Wolverine set me back PhP 1,000 (Roughly US$ 22.72) He is not available on Amazon just yet.

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