Tuesday, September 17, 2013

DC Elseworld's Finest Supergirl

Presenting Supergirl from the DC Elseworld's Finest one-shot.

To the uninitiated, Supergirl is Kara Zor-El. This is of course an alternate universe separate from the main-stream DC universe (Elseworld, duh) where she is the last survivor not of Krypton, but of the destroyed Argo City. Sent to Earth.

In this reality, Kryptonians were actually aware of Earth's heroes and Supergirl grew up dreaming of joining their ranks. It is not disclosed what destroyed Krypton and, later, Argo City, but she is sent to Earth as a teenager and is welcomed into the ranks of the Justice Society of America and rises to become it's greatest and most popular hero just like her mainstream counterpart.

In this Elseworld however, Batman doesn't exist. Instead Barbara Gordon defends Gotham as Batgirl and has successfully seceded Gotham City from the rest of the United States to the point that no-metahuman can enter Gotham, where they are banned, without suffering dire consequences. Even the mighty Justice Society of America led by Wonder Woman cannot enter Gotham unless it's under Batgirl's terms.

In this Elseworld, the world's greatest "superhero" so to speak, is actually Lex Luthor - who not only gave the world free, clean solar energy via what he called a "solar battery", but helped found the Justice Society of America. When Supergirl came to Earth, he became a mentor, friend, father to the now homeless alien so they developed a bond deep enough that when Luthor is kidnapped in Gotham, Supergirl defies Batgirl and enters Gothams borders.

The result?

Get this! Batgirl almost kills Supergirl, but spares her instead and lets her join her in her search.

Turns out Batgirl is just un-brain-washing the world's greatest hero and wants Supergirl to see Luthor for what he truly is - a monster - the highlight of which is that the "solar battery" that now powers the world? It's the dead baby Kal-El, Superman. Supergirl's  vision of the world is shattered, blah-blah-blah - big fight - blah-blah-blah - no lesbian ending.

Though if you stretch your imagination, you could picture that. Batgirl after all has no qualms at the suggestion she share a bed with Bruce Wayne and another woman and her Batgirl suit is nano-tech, so technically she runs around naked.

I didn't really like the story though - written by Barbara Kessel and painted by Matt Haley - because it thrust too much power towards Batgirl and kept Supergirl as a naive country-lass. What really is the point of respect here? Batman at least understands that Superman is a boyscout, but he's not naive. And Superman knows that Bruce may be manipulative and sociopathic, but his heart is in the right place. In DC Elseworld's Finest, Batgirl manipulated everything from start to finish. Not really sure why they ended up as friends.

What's to like about the DC Direct Elseworld's Finest Supergirl?

Well.... I'm sure you've seen them by now. They're kinda hard to miss and they're really out there.

Again we pay homage to a web-site with 262 other possible terms for Montezumas. I may not like the comic book but I do appreciate the artwork of Matt Haley.

It's not... anatomically correct, but it is quite detailed. Elseworld's Finest Supergirl's body is quite hard, very athletic without being even slightly masculine like Power Girl. Everything about her speaks power down to her rather cruel haircut. The only thing distracting about her is her Power Girl sized Pointer-Sisters.

And DC Elseworld's Finest Supergirl's face is exquisitely beautiful - though a bit 80s model. A fine tribute to the original from the comic book:

What's NOT to like about the DC Direct Elseworld's Finest Supergirl?

What? It's DC Direct, you actually expected anything even remotely looking like actual articulation?

Supergirl looks like an eighties model and stands like an eighties model. She barely moves but looks really good.

You also have to avoid looking at her crotch which makes you wonder sometimes if you're looking at DC's idea of a transexual in spandex.

Otherwise, quite a nice looking figure. Just keep staring at her Rangoons.

This particular DC Elseworld's Supergirl was found in the Dungeon and was purchased a looonnngg time ago. She is available on Amazon for US$ 24.24 (Roughly PhP 1,090.80 plus shipping).

If you get her, you have to get Batgirl.

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