Thursday, September 26, 2013

Cyclops Marvel Legends Wolverine Series

Presenting, Cyclops from the Marvel Legends Wolverine Series.

Finally Marvel releases the modern uniform of Cyclops just when he changes uniforms.

I'm not a Cyclops fan. I haven't been a Cyclops fan since the schism; I haven't been a Cyclops fan since AvX, and I'm certainly not a Cyclops fan now that he goes around crossing his arms in an X (So juvenile).

Why shouldn't I like the rebel leader of a splinter group of X-Men? Because Rogue is right: Cyclops has replaced his former insecurities with leadership with the inability to accept the possibility that he is wrong.

He's not only killed Xavier, he spits on Xavier's dream everyday and I'm just waiting for someone to give him a good spanking - as of this writing, it looks like Legion is about to do it (fingers crossed).

Bendis, Mahfood and Caramagna actually came up with a great summary to just how boring a super-hero Cyclops is:

Marvel Legends Wolverine Series Cyclops' blister card doesn't say much about him other than "Cyclops: He has protected Earth against it, now Cyclops wields the power of the Phoenix Force"

This is a reference to the unreleased version of the Marvel Legends Wolverine Series Cyclops that has him wearing his Pheonix Five uniform. Not so sure why Marvel likes to tease its audience with variants that will never be released.

So we have Cyke in a uniform that he no longer wears. Also, sadly, having just read X-Men Legacy #17, Legion challenged Cyclops to a fist fight and lost. What a dweeb. 

I'm really considering giving up on comic books. 

What's to like about the Marvel Legends Wolverine Series Cyclops?

I suppose that we should point out that some of these pictures have been photoshopped to give Marvel Legends Cyclops' visor a reddish glow. 

The least I could do for the most boring character in the Marvel Universe.

Anyway, what's to like about Cyclops? He has a huge... codpiece. It actually just hangs out there. 

Happily, though he looks it, he is not a redeco of the Marvel Legends Cyclops from the Brood BAF series that you can see here where we discussed the X-Men's Schism

Also, Cyclops' articulation is quite excellent and provides quite a lot of flexibility particularly in his neck region. He's a fine avatar for the lithe and now quite acrobatic close-combat warrior that Cyclops has become in the comic books. 

And despite my misgivings, Cyclops does come across as quite an imposing leader:

Or he just likes to point.

The Marvel Legends Cyclops also comes with the ability to kneel - and point - and shoot.

So as a basic Marvel Legends figure, Cyclops is quite excellent.

What's NOT to like about the Marvel Legends Wolverine Series Cyclops?

Well quite frankly, that's all he does. Cyclops really is quite boring.

But then remember that I'm quite biased. Because other than that, there's really nothing wrong with him.

Though I do see a lot of customizing opportunities if you don't mind tearing his head off and I'm pretty sure that people are already customizing him into his Phoenix Five outfit or coloring him to form his new X-faced outfit.

I was hooked up with this Marvel Legends Wolverine Series Cyclops  by a fellow collector - and to him I give my heartfelt thanks (Thanks Eric!). The Marvel Legends Wolverine series Cyclops set me back PhP 1,000 (Roughly US$ 22.72) He is not available on Amazon just yet.

Now I can do this:

And this:


  1. For a second there, I thought he came with a blast effect accessory. Why doesn't Hasbro do that anymore? It would have MADE this figure!

  2. Welll budget cuts ad all. Plastic is made from petroleum as oil is expensive :)


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