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Marvel Legends Emma Frost - Wolverine Series

Presenting Emma Frost from the Marvel Legends Wolverine Series Puck BAF.

The Wolverine Puck BAF series includes not just Emma Frost, the Utopia Cyclops, Sabretooth and the modern day Wolverine. It was also initially announced to include the Phoenix variant of Cyclops, and the modern version of Rogue - who I was really looking forward to because her Rangoons here hanging out (By the way, here's a website for 262 Names for Boobs).

Sadly, Marvel in its infinite wisdom decided to cancel Rogue >:( in the same way that Danielle Moonstar, the Sentry, Iron Fist & Bulldozer were cancelled - which is a real shame because of Rogue's popularity. I was really looking forward to an action figure with her Rib Cushions.

But at least we have Emma Frost and her quite scrumptious Eclairs. Emma Frost to the uninitiated is the former White Queen of the Hellfire club (A position she killed Paris Seville for. The White Queen is a title that has also been held by a time-lost Jean Grey, Ororo Munroe - Storm of the X-Men, and which is currently being held by the psychotic kiddie Wilhelmina Kensington).

Emma Frost is also the former Headmistress of the Massachusetts Academy, the alma-mater of the now deceased Hellions; former co-leader of the X-Men; and co-mistress of the Xavier School of Gifted Youngsters and teacher to Generation X; and current co-leader of the outlaw band of X-Men led by the egotistic jerk-off Cyclops.

And the reason why Jean Grey is free to make out with anyone else - like Wolverine and the Beast (Guess she likes hairy guys).  

What's to like about the Marvel Legends Emma Frost?

I can give you two very good reasons why you have to love the Marvel Legends Wolverine series Emma Frost figure. Emma Frost has: Headphones, Jawbreakers, Kalamazoos, Kazongas, Kazoos, Hotcakes, Mother Lodes, Moo Moos, Nectarines, Wahwahs, Torpedoes, Astries Bazookas, Betty Boops, that rival the Bongos, Cuhuangas, Flapjacks, Loblollies, Mams, Marangos, of Power Girl

Though honestly Power Girl's Mangos, Marangos, Maraschinos, Lulus or Kabukis are bigger than Emma Frost's, but given that Emma Frost is practically naked, I suppose she wins.

And The Marvel Legends Emma Frost Wolverine series is waaaay better looking than the original Marvel Legends Annhilus BAF figure that was not only butt-ugly and poorly articulated, it was a size too small to belong with regular Marvel Legends figures.

Here's some close-ups of the nicely sculpted face of the Marvel Legends Emma Frost and her bountiful Macaroons:

Marvel Legends Emma Frost Wolverine Series also has wonderful abs and looks great from practically all angles - even from behind - though her ass is a tad bit small:

Articulation of the Wolverine series Emma Frost is average for a Marvel Legends figure, actually reminiscent of the articulation of Rachel Grey:

I'd like to point out that the Wolverine Series Emma Frost's feet lack the ability to bend forward. as a result most of these poses required copious amounts of tack. 

The Wolverine series Emma Frost can.... kinda kneel. It's just not really in her cards to do so:

What's NOT to like about the Marvel Legends Emma Frost?

The articulation. I don't really understand how Marvel could give such high-articulation to slender 3.5" Marvel Universe figures like Rogue, the Scarlet Witch and the Black Widow, but decide to cut down on articulation when it comes to larger six-inch figures like Emma Frost here.

Even when compared to the other Wolverine Series Marvel Legends figures Emma Frost is sadly lacking in articulation points - and I'm not just referring to the lack of a forward cantering ankle joint.

I really hate the gap between her legs.

Marvel Legends Emma Frost also seems to be lacking a lot of detailing. Emma Frost in the comic books hardly leaves home without her cape. And that belt around her waist? A waste of plastic. I hope to add an X-logo soon to it.

I was hooked up with this Emma Frost by a fellow collector - and to him I give my heartfelt thanks (Thanks Eric!). The Marvel Legends Wolverine series Emma Frost set me back PhP 1,000 (Roughly US$ 22.72) She is not available on Amazon just yet.

But she's worth it for all who've dreamed of this:

Couldn't find my Deadpool

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