Saturday, July 20, 2013

Transformers Prime: Thundertron

Presenting Thundertron from the Transformers Prime Robots In Disguise Toyline.

Okay: Shoulder pads, what appears to be coat-tails, a beard, a peg-leg and a saber.

Hmmmmmm. All we're missing is a hat and we we'd have one bondafide Transformers Pirate (Get this, he transforms into a Lion who has what looks like an earring pierced into his left ear).

Thundertron is, for the lack of better words, yes, a pirate. He bears neither the Autobot nor the Decepticon sigil. He has his own sigil  (Head - skull? - over swords) that you can see on one of his coat-tails or on the packaging. So you could say that he fights for himself.

Thundertron was released as a part of the Transformers Prime toy-line, but he actually has yet to make an appearance in the cartoon. Despite his visage, he hasn't made an appearance in the Beast Hunters series either, but it does hint on him becoming a character for the series, especially sine Thundertron bears no love for anything Cybertronian - weird I know.

Thundertron's wiki says it all "Cybertron and its inhabitants will tremble, for they will hear the massive clang of steel amidst the sound of leonine growls, and fall before the might of Thundertron! 

The massive, peg-legged leader of the Star Seekers and Captain of the Tidal Wave, Thundertron claims to be "the mightiest freebooter on the spaceways". Aside from being a merciless pirate, the destruction of his home-world by Cybertronians has given him an unquenchable hatred and a desire for revenge. He vows to hunt down and slaughter any who come from Cybertron, and is equally brutal with anyone else who would get in his way."

His blister card reads that "Ages ago, Thundertron swore that the creatures that caused the destruction of his world would pay for their crimes. Since then, he has wandered space in search of his revenge. His ship is primed. His crew is willing, and at long last, Cybertron is in his sights." Guess he was mistaken and got lost.

His stats are:
  • Strength - 9
  • Intelligence - 8
  • Speed - 6
  • Endurance - 10
  • Rank - 9
  • Courage - 9
  • Fireblast - 8
  • Skill - 7
I don't really see why he's a threat. Heavy fire-power, high endurance, but certainly no Prime. By the way, he comes only partially transformed when you purchase him. Read the instructions and realize that you have to spread his breastplate apart some-more.

What's to like about the Transformers Prime Thundertron?

He's a cool looking character, an aged, jaded and ruthless pirate, covered in blades, out for blood and looking like blue-beard! Plus he transforms into a massively maned lion that looks hella-intimidating  - and he has a tail!

Thundertron's articulation is quite decent given the use of all the ball joints and there is a plethora of after market lighting that can be done to him thanks to the use of clear blue-plastic on various parts of his body.

Thundertron comes with an push-action saber that can be mounted on either hand - but since we want the blade facing down, it's best to place it on the left hand. Now, as with most of the Transformers Prime line, there is no "lock" for the sword to remain in it's useful position, however you can just keep pushing the sword down while holding the activator switch in place and you'll be rewarded with ratcheting noises and the eventual locking of the sword in the cutting position.

When not in use, the saber assembly can be stored on Thundertron's back:

Thundertron's second weapon is.... well his right foot. You take the claw off his peg leg and mount it on his right arm 

And yes, Thundertron can kneel:

Thundertron simply looks super cool. Add to it Rhisling, the sword of Vector Prime and he looks really, really cool. Personally I was hoping that Thundertron would be the Vector Prime of the Transformers Prime series since he does look quite distinguished. 

What's to like about the Transformers Prime Thundertron?

Unfortunately quite a lot. There's a lot of articulation lost due to the amount of... accouterments that hamper his articulation. Thundertron's arms are relatively short and he has to work around a lot of chest and shoulder. His legs in the meantime, run into interference with his coat-tails - they can be moved aside, but still. they interfere.  His "not-fully" transformed mode - how you find him in the packaging, fairs a little better.

Thundertron's lion form is even worse. He can't move at all:

Thundertron's sword can also be mounted on his lion-form's exterior:

But my biggest problem with Thundertron is: "Seriously? You take your foot off before battle so that you can cut people with it?" That's all levels of unhygienic and really, really gross. And can you imagine him hoping around putting his foot back on or taking it off before a battle? SERIOUSLY!!!!

This particular Transformers Prime Thundertron was purchased from Toys R'Us Galleria here in the Philippines for PhP 1,000 (Roughly US$ 22.72). He is available in Amazon for US$ 21.50 (Roughly PhP 946 plus shipping).

He is the mighty Thundertron! Hear him roar!!!! (Meow)


  1. Interesting that the Sword on yours levels straight when forcing it to in the open position. Mine still ends up at an angle.

  2. Oh! Yeah that sometimes happens. Ah... how do I explain this.... you have to try to find the midpoint of the switch and pull the activator and the sword in opposite directions.

  3. this transformer is a complete friking knockoff of the ZOIDS soul tiger. fucking disappointed...


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