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Transformers Generations Sandstorm - Triple Changer

Presenting the Transformers Generations Triple Changer, Sandstorm.

Sandstorm has an interesting history. In the Marvel Comic Books where he originally appeared, Sandstorm was a member of the Wreckers who had the distinct privilege of having "beaten the crap out of Optimus Prime" and "Terrorizing the crap out of humans" in his resume (In another continuity, he actually is rumored to have killed an Autobot).

But in the main cartoon, he's the only member of planet full of Pacifists willing to fight the Decepticons. He eventually convinces his people to fight, but they end up blowing up the planet to win.

Transformers Generation Sandstorm - the Triple Changer, is not to be confused with the Human Alliance DOTM Sandstorm that we featured over a year ago. He was also a triple-changer.

Transformers Generations Sandstorm - the Triple Changer's blister card reads "Sandstorm lives for action. His only real fear is a fear of boredom. As a result, he takes unnecessary risks, both in combat and out - risks that can sometimes threaten the success of his mission. He lives fast, loud and dagerously - traits that make him fun to hang out with most of the time. But his fellow Autobots are getting a little sick of his habit of giving away his position to the Decepticons just so he has the opportunity to enjoy a fight."  Back when I still role-played, we used to shoot people in the back for doing that.

The Triple-changer Sandstorm's statistics are as follows:

  • Strength - a measly 7
  • Intelligence- strangely he's quite intelligent, no buffoon at 9
  • Speed - slow at 6
  • Endurance - 7
  • Rank - 6 
  • Courage - 10 - there's the recklessness that was discussed. If his rank were higher, he'd be Gannicus singing about his "C*ck raging on!"
  • Fireblast - 6
  • Skill - 10 - Wow. So no real strength, no real firepower, but he knows where to put it. They should have given him a sword - but I suppose giving him rotor-blades that turn into a sword would have made him too much of a redeco of Springer, yes?
Note: I stopped using my Sony Cybershot in this shoot because it SUCCCKSSSS!!!! (Check out Rogue) and I shifted back to my old trusty Panasonic Lumix. Look how I was rewarded with Sandstorm's eyes naturally lighting up - This occurred multiple times:

What's to like about the Transformers Triple-Changer Sandstorm?

The biggest thing to like is that Sandstorm is not a complete redeco of Springer. While the very "base" of it is Springer and discounting the replacement of Helicopter blades for the VTOL lifts, the two are actually quite different.

You could say that they are brothers, but they are definitely NOT twins. I was terribly afraid that Sandstorm would be nothing more than a simple redeco.

I also love how he "feels" better built than Springer. At the risk of drawing the ire of an anonymous birdie who thinks that everyone who finds that Springer just doesn't transform neatly doesn't know how to transform a Transformer, Sandstorm actually does transform quite neatly. Though there is still some "Get in there!" moments specifically in his back-side when you transform Sandstorm into a dune-buggy - though that might already be me. Oh! There is a part of his transformation instructions that is missing involving moving the center part of Sandstorm's "cockpit" down so that it will align with the left and right sides in Dune Buggy mode.

Here is more of the Triple-Changer Sandstorm in his Dune Buggy mode:

And here's Sandstorm's VTOL mode - kinda reminds me of the dropship from Aliens. 

Transformers Generations Sandstorm comes armed with a single.... I'd say it's a shotgun.... simply because to launch the projectile, you pull back on the black barrel like a shot-gun (Projectile doesn't go very far). There also isn't really any place for Sandstorm to hold the barrel.

When not using his "shotgun" Triple-Changer Sanstorm can store it on his backside - much like Springer can store his sword and double-barreled cannon. And just like Springer, he can pretty much reach it. 

Looks like he's pooping something big and black. Speaking of Sandstorm's backside, initially I thought that he was disappointing because it looked like he had a surfboard sticking out from behind him. Then I realized that you didn't have to follow the instructions and can fold the "surfboard" down with absolutely no ill-effects to the figure. You can also fold the VTOL wings back partially or all the way so that they do not affect Sandstorm's shoulder/arm articulation:

Personally I think he looks better with the "surfboard" down. Anyway, springing from the base we love that is Springer, the triple-changer Sandstorm enjoys incredibly nice articulation and the rare ability to twist at the torso. AND Sandstorm is not as top-heavy as Springer and is easier to balance into poses that make him appear to be flying that a little birdie said was impossible to demand from a toy.

All the while while shooting Sandstorm, I kinda kept seeing a Dinobot when he was in my peripheral. Yes, Sandstorm can kneel - in a fashion. 

A few more photos of Sandstorm to round things up:

What's NOT to like about the Transformers Triple-Changer Sandstorm?

I keep wondering if Transformers Generations Sandstorm should have a sword - after all the G1 Sandstorm changed into a Dune Buggy and a Helicopter, not a VTOL. And in some internet images that preceded his release, Sandstorm did have a sword. But I suppose Hasbro thought that this might really make him look too much like nothing more than a redeco of Springer. I have to say that there's not much wrong with him. Most of what's wrong with him is quite minor or cosmetic - stuff that we've already tackled and dealt with above.  

He is a better, version of Springer and I sadly I wish that Springer felt this well done. 

There are only two more issues I have with the triple-changer Sandstorm. First is that because he has massive shoulder pauldrons compared to that of Springer's, he has a tendancy to scratch his nose with them:

Ahhhhh!!!! There's the spot!
Another is that for the life of me I cannot understand how Sandstorm's "shotgun" mounts onto the front of his nose in VTOL mode. What I have feels forced and the instructional diagram has it flipped the other way. 

Sandstorm was purchased from Toytown in Glorietta here in the Philippine at the retail price of PhP 1,499.75 (Roughly US$ 34). He's available on Amazon for US$ 45.99 (Roughly PhP 2,023.56 plus shipping). 


  1. I can't find this ANYWHERE. Including the retailer websites, Everyone else wants $30+. Shot an email to Hasbro customer service and they told me this came out in Dec 2012. Why then does BigBadToyStore have it on Preorder status?

  2. And they let Kyde the guy responsible for these, go... :(

    Figures like Sandstorm here make me sad I've reduced my Transformer collecting

  3. I found that attaching the gun to the VTOL nose simply involves sliding the triangular tab on top of the gun into the groove of the landing gear...

  4. Hey cool! I couldn't figure out what they did with it. Thanks! :)

  5. Oh but you must get Springer! He's an absolute must have - even if he's, quality-wise, crappier than Sandstorm

  6. You make me want to start hoarding and selling them on-line :) If I spot another one I'll let you know. But I did get it for US$ 34 at retail.

  7. That doesn't make sense as Springer and Blitzwing were $23-$25. All 3 triplechangers are Voyager Class.
    My brain is starting to cry.

  8. @ CraxyD
    That's how much Voyager class Transformers cost here in the Philippines, give or take a few. He did mention it in his review.


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