Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Marvel Universe Rogue

Presenting the Marvel Universe Rogue from the Marvel Universe Uncanny X-Men Boxed Set.

This is the costume that Jim Lee gave Rogue when he took over the X-Men all the way, waaaay, back in 1991 when the X-Men comic book was launched and she became a member of Cyclops'covert  "Blue Team" alongside Wolverine, Psylocke, Gambit, Beast and Jubilee. I've been reading comic books since 1986 and this is actually my second favorite Rogue outfit following the green bathing suit on black. I'm not a real fan of the "hoodie" wearing Rogue of today.

Those were the good-old days when Xavier's dream seemed so close to realization and the X-Men were a force to be reckoned with that was not militarized. Jim Lee's vision also produced the best - in my opinion - Banshee (So glad and excited that he's back!) and Forge (Not so glad that he's crazy now) outfits as well as the best kick-ass uniforms and vehicles courtesy of the Genoshan military.

As mentioned, this came from Marvel Universe "The Uncanny X-Men" Boxed set that included four figures: Rogue, Longshot, Wolverine and a Baby Cyclops. Now I'm testing a new camera - Sony - SUCCCCCKKKKSSSS!!!! My SONY sucks so bad and I am not really happy with the results of this pictorial so I decided to belay featuring the entire set lest everything everything ends up looking like crap. Besides, do you really want to read about another Wolverine? I'll switch back soon to my Linux.

The Marvel Universe "The Uncanny X-Men's" blister card reads: "Longshot was raised on Mojoworld as a slave to the bizarre Spineless Ones, and their delusional dictator Mojo. He has seen much in the strange world of birth - but never anything like the X-Men. Trapped and forced to star in Mojo's latest hit shows, the X-Men remain defiant. With Longshot helping, they just might escape from Mojo's clutches, and free the enslaved planet."

What's to like about the Marvel Universe Uncanny X-men Rogue?

Simple: She's hot. Admittedly not as hot as the scantly clad Scarlet Witch who may one day be Rogue's step-daughter - no wonder they fight and hate each other so much - but still, you should see her from behind.

Another plus is of course the unique facial sculpt. Not as pretty as I would have expected Rogue to be portrayed, but there is something definitely "Southern" about her look - long and lean - so I think a lot of thought went into her.

And of course the articulation. She's wonderfully articulated. Her hair doesn't even get into the way of her looking up, down or left and right. Still Rogue has the same hip problems that most Marvel Universe figures have thanks to those pesky ball-joints which would rather just snap out, but she can kneel, possesses the double knee joints and has wonderful arm articulation. Her uniform helps to even hide the joint at the shin area - where the green bands are.

And yes, it's a wonderful backside:

Rogue's front is just as fine:

Here's the Marvel Universe Rogue kneeling:

What's NOT to like about the Marvel Universe Uncanny X-men Rogue?

The only problem that I can think of with this wonderful figure is her jacket. You can actually remove Rogue's jacket, but the jacket's sleeves will still be there. Also Rogue's jacket hampers her upper arm movement. She has difficulty crossing her arms and what you see with her arms raised up is about the extent of her shoulder articulation.

Also while Rogue's uniform serves to hide her shin joints, the shin-joints can actually loosen and the green bands pop out. Easily fixed by pushing the joint back in, but still for a while it had me thinking about gluing the band permanently.

This Marvel Universe "The Uncanny X-Men" Rogue was purchased with the complete set for PhP 2,295 (Roughly US$ 52.15) from Big Boys Toy Store/Filbars in Glorietta. The set is available on Amazon for US$ 35.95 (Roughly PhP 1,581 plus shipping - yeah I got robbed).

Still Rogue is worth every cent.


  1. The one thing with this body... is that the legs are just ridiculously long.

  2. Legs that go on forever! What's not to like :)


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