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Presenting Jango Fett's Slave 1 from the Star Wars Attack of the Clones franchise.

This is not to be confused with Boba Fett's Slave 1 which is more beat-up than this.

Slave 1 is actually unique in the Galaxy. It was one of six prototype Firespray 31 Attack and Patrol craft developed by Kuat Systems Engineering to serve as police vehicles for the asteroid prison Oovo IV.  Only six of them were made.

On a mission with Zam Wesell, Jango's ship, Jaster's Legacy, was destroyed. Acting on a tip, Jango found the six prototypes and stole one. On his way out of the hanger, he destroyed the other five.

He would later name the ship Slave 1 - rumor has it that the ship was named Slave 1 because.... well he stole it, so it was kinda like his first "Slave".

Like all Firesprays, Slave 1 lands on it's flat back and flies upright with the pilot standing. Boba would later modify the cockpit so that the pilot would always be upright regardless of the craft's orientation.

Since Jango's death, Slave 1 has been stolen, re-stolen, recovered, destroyed and even replaced. Slave 1 has been modified so much that even with the eventually release of Kuat's Firespray design into the market, it can hardly be called a Firespray anymore.

The Star Wars Attack of the Clones Jango Fett Slave 1's blister pack reads "Jango Fett is known throughout the Galaxy as a relentless bounty hunter who doesn't stop until his prey is captured or killed. His ship, Slave 1, is just as dangerous and deadly as its owner, with an arsenal of weapons from which no prey has ever escaped. This highly modified Firespray-class patrol and attack ship was originally used in law enforcement, but Jango rebuilt it with hidden weapons compartment, sensor masking and tracking systems and powerful shield generators - all the necessities for the most dedicated and brutal bounty hunter ever known. When he is chasing Obi-Wan Kenobi, Jango Fett makes full use of his technology and weapons - firing laser cannons, dropping sonic charges and firing missiles - an an attempt to destroy his pursuer."

Slave 1''s wiki lists the following as its armaments/features - other modifications were later added by Boba Fett:

  • Cloaking device
  • Decoy system
  • Sensor mask and jamming systems
  • Static discharge port
  • Armament
  • Twin blaster cannons (2)
  • Rapid-firing laser cannons 
  • Projectile launchers 
  • Standard load: 3 proton torpedoes each
  • Minelayer (1) Standard load: Void-7 seismic charges (9)

Jango Fett's Slave 1 fits a pilot (figure and head-gear not included and are from the Vintage Jango Fett that I have yet to shoot) up front plus two more behind him. The real Slave 1 fit the three in the cockpit, plus six prisoners and even had a "Force Cage" for Jedi. No such luck here.

What's to like about the STAR WARS Attack of the Clone Jango Fett Slave 1?

The price. I got it for PhP 1,600 (Roughly US$ 37) from Jae's collectibles in Megamall right before the 2013 Toycon (Jae's Collectibles was stockpiling in their store waiting for ingress when I visited them, so in essence, I sniped it before it hit the open market) who was selling it for a song because the packaging was all beat up. A brand new one from Amazon cost around US$ 74.95 (Roughly PhP 3,297 plus shipping).

There is a 2013 version of Jango Fett's Slave 1 in the market now but it lacks almost all of the weathering of the original and goes for US$ 21.99 (Roughly PhP 967.56 plus shipping). And quite frankly, the weathered look of Slave 1 is really really cool!!!! 

While simple, the features of this current Slave 1 include:

A Handle on the back for easy holding/play. Note also the holder so that the spare missiles don't get lost. Hasbro really had kids in mind when they made this. 

Next to the missiles are two buttons. The top button which has what looks like a wheel can be pressed to open the front missile bay of Slave 1. Turning the wheel will launch the spring loaded missiles one-by-one:

Just hold on to the handle and fire away! Note the little targeting screen detail on the front of Slave 1's cockpit:

The second button can be pushed and it will release - individually or as a group, depending upon how long you hold it in - the "Sonic" mines within Slave 1. This Slave 1 carries four.

Slave 1's stabilizers can be repositioned:

Slave 1's laser cannons can be repositioned which is best evidenced when Slave 1 lands:

And lastly, there's a little portion on the lower part of his hull where Obi-Wan Kenobi threw a tracking device - that Jango later destroyed - that can be "flipped" so that one moment the tracking device is there, the next, it's gone.

What's NOT to like about the STAR WARS Attack of the Clone Jango Fett Slave 1?

Nothing actually. I love this toy and I love the price I paid for it.

Okay so maybe there can be a little something more. Ah.... Well the scale is off. Slave 1 is too small to accommodate six prisoners - remember, Boba Fett had no idea that Darth Vader would entomb Han Solo in Carbonite so he most likely had more conventional ideas on how to transport him that did not require having him on a palette. So Slave 1 should have an allotment for six more people which means that this Slave 1 is small.

Also despite the fact that i do love the handle and all the little gimmicks, they might be too juvenile for some people who would just prefer a straight forward Slave 1.

Still, not bad for  PhP 1,600 (Roughly US$ 37).


  1. Old faithful. Or at least a reworked version of the orignal mold from the ESB line?

    It's a shame the Big Slave 1 has only come out in a Clone Wars multipack.

  2. I actually have yet to see a Big Slave 1 :(


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