Thursday, May 23, 2013

Jacqueline Goehner Witchblade Cosplay

Photo courtesy of Blizzard Terrak Photography
Presenting Jacqueline Goehner Cosplaying as Sara Pezini AKA Witchblade.

When not suiting up as the scantly-clad heroine Witchblade, "Jackie" is actually an actress, film-maker, model, vocalist and - obviously -costume designer.

Born on the 22nd of July, 1984 in Modesto, California, Jacqueline Goehner has her own IMDB entry which mentions that she's a regular on the comedy show Smosh AND she's actually worked as a make-up artist in the upcoming new Star Trek series, Star Trek Continues (A reboot (?) of the original Kirk Star Trek) where she will also make an appearance as a crew-member.

When Jacqueline Goehner was asked about dressing up as Witchblade and going out practically in her birthday suit, she gamely replied "I wasn't too nervous, I just thought, 'Hey, I'm just doing what I love to do."

Jacqueline Goerhner's Witchblade costume was made by her and took three full days (Seven if you count the body-form process) to make. It is constructed out of Silicone and craft-foam.

No I do not know what exactly holds it up.

But it looks simply awesome!

Personally I'm glad that she decided to base her costume more on the Top Cow Comic Book Witchblade which is sexier, darker, rather than on the Animated and TV versions.

Here she is through the lens of Eurobeat Kasumi:

Here is Jacqueline Goehner as Witchblade through the lens of BGZ Studios:

And one last look at Jacqueline Goehner as Witchblade through the lens of AgenSakur9's Hino Ben:

And how about a video interview of Jacqueline Goehner in her Witchblade outfit:

But in case you think that's all Jacqueline Goehner cosplays as, check her out at Princess Zelda in Smosh's "The Legend of Zelda Rap". I agree. Link is gay but has bigger balls than Evel Knievel :)

And don't forget to like Jacqueline Goehner's Facebook Page.


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